- Macron's government is backing down against the "yellow jackets" protests and is suspending the increase in fuel taxes! "French Spring" is coming?

Macron's government is backing down against the "yellow jackets" protests and is suspending the increase in fuel taxes! "French Spring" is coming?


French Astvicon gas scenes tear and stun grenades and water cannons and burning cars .. 
Tens of thousands of demonstrators yellow jackets come back to protest against the high cost of living and low wages according to their website , which counted more than two thousand gathered so far. 
As in other parts of France, the streets of the Champs-Elysées in Paris turn into fights between protesters and security forces, which launched arrests against scores of them, before a media

talk of looting of banks, restaurants and burning of buildings began. Across the country and reaching Belgium, some are talking about escalation scenarios, while others are wondering about the chances of turning into an uprising, driven by the government challenge and the popularity of President Emmanuel Macaron, which has reached about 20 percent .. 
Is what we are seeing now the beginnings of a comprehensive popular revolution?
PARIS (Reuters) - French Prime Minister Eduard Philippe has announced that he will announce a suspension of tax increases on fuel, a sign that the government is bowing to the demands of the "yellow jackets" whose protests have swept across the country.
According to French government sources, the prime minister must make recommendations to the executive authority on suspending the increase in fuel taxes, which was decided at a meeting chaired by President Emmanuel Macaron Monday evening in Elysee.Philippe, after receiving representatives of political parties against the backdrop of protests by the owners of "yellow jackets," said he would announce the suspension of the increase in fuel tax for several months.

🔴 BREAKING - French government officially cancels Tuesday's meeting with "Yellow Vests" protestors
French media, including the official, said the prime minister would announce a freeze on the decision to increase fuel taxes, as well as other measures that would allow the government to start a dialogue with the French in calm conditions. The announcement could take place within the next few hours.
In Paris, the meeting between the prime minister and representatives of the "yellow jackets" movement was canceled this evening due to the inability of the movement to choose its representatives, in addition to not specifying the list of demands and dividing the movement between welcoming and rejecting the dialogue.

Some protesters who planned to meet the government this evening said they had received death threats if they went to the meeting. Making the management of this non-traditional crisis very difficult, especially as the Government has not yet made clear decisions.


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