- 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing


The workload can get unnecessarily busy without tools and automations in place.
Luckily, the Chrome Web Store has sourced a huge collection of extensions (or little helpers as we like to call it) that can significantly cut down the time you usually spend on tasks. Social media managers, for one, can surely benefit from productivity boosts with a little help from technology.

Top 15 Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

1. Any.do
The clean and straightforward interface makes it so easy to use. It also allows you to drag and drop tasks between categories, making it simple to reorganize when priorities change.

Once installed, it detects input fields you have saved information for, allowing you to fill them in with one click.

Not only does this tool help us craft grammatically correct posts — the new update includes suggestions for concise writing, plus detection of your writing tone to make sure you stick to your brand’s voice.

The extension loads valuable insights on a site in seconds. It provides data on a site’s engagement rates, audience location, and traffic sources.

Reverso also works on your English input by checking that it’s free from grammar and punctuation errors. Additionally, the extension currently supports more than 10 languages, from Japanese, German, Mandarin, and more.

RiteTag provides hashtag suggestions for both text and images. When crafting a post, you only have to highlight your text or right-click on an image you’re attaching to the post and click ‘Generate Hashtags’ to get a list of hashtags you can incorporate to your post.
The extension works on popular social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

7. Drag
With Drag, you can start an empty board, drag emails into it, and form a Trello-like board with task statuses and progress. Team members can access shared boards and even start a real-time chat to get things done faster.

It’s great for support and explainer videos. You can record your face and the screen at the same time, and Soapbox will let you select how you want to split the video screen after recording. It also simplifies adding transitions and customizing your videos’ thumbnails with its no frills editor.

9. Guru
Guru works faster than looking up a document on the Drive. You can add team members to your ‘Tribe’ and assign them as point persons for specific documents. You can then ask anyone a question on a document you’re trying to locate or verify. The interface is very intuitive and truly makes knowledge sharing a breeze.

It takes on Trello’s easy drag and drop function for both its calendar and Gantt chart function. It also allows you to sync your Google Calendar to a board so you can consider upcoming events when planning your posting schedule.

A small but notable feature — it shortens links in a snap and automatically copies the shortened URL to clipboard. Saves you the back and forth you end up doing when you miss clicking the copy link button.

12. Piktab
Piktab gives you inspiration for graphics, videos, and even newsletter designs. It also pulls up high-definition stock photos and icons you can use to layout graphics for announcements or greetings.

13. Pablo
Aside from 600k high-quality images that you can use as backgrounds for your social media graphics, Pablo is ready with a collection of quotes you can use for your weekly postings!

14. vidIQ
Being able to see video tags for any video can help you understand how to go head to head with your competitors on YouTube. The extension is also completely free, which is amazing with the amount of information it provides!

15. Flaunt
It cuts all the time it takes to compile data and generate tables. You only need to take screenshots and add short descriptions to performance points you want to see on your report. Flaunt takes cues from your ratings on the Awesomeness Meter for each screenshot to identify great points and aspects that can be improved on future campaigns.

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