- Here are the 7 strangest political parties in the world

Here are the 7 strangest political parties in the world

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "political parties in the world"Always sought to invent what is different from the existing, which is sometimes confused and strange to distinguish in all areas, even political ones!
The forms and orientations of political parties vary from country to country, and these trends vary by country's culture and policy.
From religious parties and military parties to a country with only two parties, or a country with no parties, and a country where the number of parties is thousands.
The following are the strangest 7 political parties in the world:
1 - Party of charlatans, vampires and pagans "America"
The party was founded in 2005, by professional wrestler Jonathan Sharkley. This party represents the extreme right, which comes from a liberal background, but with some radical changes.
For example, Sharkly believes that criminals convicted of violence must be executed in public.
2 - Party Rhino "Canada"
This party began to go out to the public in 1963, until 1993, and this party promises strange and pragmatic to the problems in Canada, for example, they propose to eliminate the crime, by repealing all laws, and the seizure of the United States, "If we control Antarctica, we will control the frost in this world, and if it is a cold war, we will be able to overcome everyone." 

3 - Union of lazy elements conscience "Denmark"
Founded in 1979 by renowned comedian Jacob Haughard, this Danish party calls for a better atmosphere, better Christmas gifts and more luxurious furniture from IKEA stores.
Fortunately, the party won a seat in the Danish parliament in 1994, and the party has a greater ability to keep its promises than any other politician.
4. The official party of the insane monsters of the "United Kingdom"
There is a party that claims to be the official party for the insane and the deviant in the UK, founded by David Satch, the lead singer of Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages.
This party proved its popularity unexpectedly and was able to compete with many other parties in some parts of the UK.
5 - Party of beer lovers "Poland"
This party began to join the political life after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Poland shortly, and the leadership of the party is the responsibility of cynic Jonosz Rywinski.
This party aims at something the political squares have not committed to in Poland, nor in the world, which is to give up alcoholism, by promoting beer, rather than relying on vodka and other drinks.
This party was able to reap remarkable popularity, with a slogan that was "not certainly better, but more fun".
6. The very serious party "Australia"
This party was able to enter its candidates to the lists of parliamentary elections in Australia in the eighties of the last century. He was best known during the war between Australia and Argentina because he felt that protection of Australian coasts from the Argentine invasion could happen very easily: sending penguins to block Argentines.
7. The Hungarian Dog Party (Hungary) is a
party in Hungary. It was founded in 2000, but it did not participate in political life as an active party until 2014. Its main aim is to ridicule the political elite by relying on graffiti art, graffiti .
All the political candidates of this party, running in the name of Stefan Naji because this is the most famous name in Hungary. The party promises eternal life, one working day a week, free beer for all, and very few taxes.

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