- What is affiliate marketing and how you can start ?

What is affiliate marketing and how you can start ?


Affiliate marketing is the most demanding work nowadays and its popularity is increasing day by day.
Affiliate marketing is the technique of making money (commissions) by promoting and selling a company's products or services. You are only compensated when you make a sale, exactly like a commission-only salesperson.

In another way, it is to search for a product on the Internet that you can send to interested people and influence them to buy it through your link. After you find the product, you publish it on social media platforms or through your channel on Telegram or via WhatsApp , and anyone who buys through the link that you previously posted will get a commission on each sale.

What does the affiliate marketing program consist of?

1- Advertiser : The company that searches for marketers for the purpose of increasing sales is usually a website or network that contains more than one website .

2- Publisher : Sometimes known as the marketer, it is the person who publishes links and markets them to you.

3- Consumer : who is the customer who will buy from the link you posted.

4- The network : is the site where you register and get a link to shop for it.
Is affiliate marketing fact or fiction?

In the commission marketing system, your commission is calculated in a way that means, in short, it is difficult to manipulate it, so the commission is guaranteed 100%. You will receive your profits on your bank account. It is preferable to open a bank account in PayPal and Pioneer.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing provides a very important benefit to marketers, as some people want to start trading, but they do not have enough capital to start that trade, but in affiliate marketing, you can start from the device that you have and you can get money by marketing the content for the product you want to publish.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits:

1- Affiliate marketing is not tied to a place, you can start anywhere.

2- Affiliate marketing is not specific. You can work at any time.

3- You can work through the phone you have, but it is better to have a laptop.

4- The more visitors to your blog or the clicks on your link, the more profits you will get.

5- Another source of income for you, the more time you spend in it, the more you benefit.
How much commission will I get?

In general, the commission varies from one site to another and from one network to another. The commissions are determined based on the site and platform you joined.

Some sites pay you a one-time commission, and some pay you a recurring commission and in another way throughout the period of the client’s existence. We cannot limit the commission that you will get depends on the site you joined, but we can say the commission starts from 2% and reaches 50% and up to 300%. You will see with your own eyes, do not hurry.
What are the best affiliate marketing methods?

According to my accumulated experience in creating content, I can say that the best way to get commissions on an ongoing basis is to create meaningful content that solves a problem for the customer or provides value to him. This type of content is fast spreading and the target audience will share it constantly without any effort from you, meaning for free.

I can also say according to my experience that the best way for affiliate marketing is to create a blog and work on reviewing articles with the appropriate specialization with you and comparisons. This method is one of my favorite methods of affiliate marketing. A question may arise in your mind, what do I benefit from creating a blog on the Internet, what are the other benefits? I can summarize the answer in two main points. The first is to get visitors from the Google search engine for free without any effort from you after SEO, and the second point is the speed of spread.

How do I join affiliate marketing programs?
There are two ways to join the affiliate marketing program:
1- By registering from the same company website.
2- By registering in a network that contains more than one site, such as admitad.

At the end of the article, we will mention examples of the best networks that you can join. Personally, the platform number 1 for me is the admitad platform.
What are the requirements to join the affiliate marketing program?

1- Availability of a bank account to receive payments or receive money, whether on paybal or payoneer. 

2- Some sites require a blog on the Internet or an account on social media platforms that contains followers.

What are the best affiliate marketing sites for hosting companies?
In my experience, one of the best commission marketing sites with high commissions is hosting companies, as they are one of the best categories and have a great demand. The reason for this is because the first thing you think about when you want to create a website or blog is choosing a suitable hosting company to start your blogging journey.

 In order to excel in the field of commission marketing, you must have the full background and specialize in a particular field and do not look for the best sites that give you high commissions, but rather look for the best sites that you can market to and get many commissions from them that correspond to the field that you have chosen for yourself.

Finally, hosting companies are among the best affiliate marketing sites for me and they rank first for me because of their high commissions, including:

Hosting Blue Host is one of the best hosting and also marketing program commission have one of the best marketing programs outstanding and most commission popular with many users online  Blue Host B plans low hosting price that starts from $2.95 per month and commissions once starting from $ 65.

For this reason, it is one of the most suitable ways for bloggers who want to make money from the Internet. After subscribing to their program, you will get your balance from every purchase through your affiliate marketing even after 45 days. As for receiving your commissions, the payments are usually transferred between the 16th to the end of the month of each month, and you will need to reach at least $100 to get your commissions .

By marketing to Blue Host, you will get things to help you in marketing, including the use of keywords and advertising banners to help you in commission marketing for the company's products. Also, do not forget that this company has very awesome customer service and it is the best company for me.

2. HostGator:
HostGator is one of the best affiliate marketing programs and is my second choice. It is another hosting company that you can start with and get about $150 per referral through you.

According to their affiliate program, they pay $60 per referral, and there is a chance for you to go up to $150. And because WordPress plans always have 90% discounts and start at $0.99 per month, you will be able to get excellent commissions.

They offer you an advertising banner and other marketing tools to help beginners and those who want to start marketing for the company. For money transfer, there is no minimum to get your money.

3. Cloudwise:
Marketing program commission's location offers CloudWise high returns, commissions and frequent long, and three models to pay for marketers subscribers.

For one-time returns, you can get up to $125 per referral based on your performance level. Additionally, you can use the other plan and get $30 per referral plus a monthly commission of up to 7% for the lifetime of the client.

The Cloudwise website has a dashboard that you can monitor and improve performance based on the data. In fact, the account managers are distinguished, and they always help you.

4. HostGator:
By marketing HostGator, you can get $100 per registration.
For example, I have my own HostGator landing page where readers can get 60% off every HostGator package they sign up for.

In addition, they have different commissions that depend on performance. The more people registered through you, the greater your profits. You can choose between getting a fixed commission or a commission linked to performance.

After you finish registering, you will get an account manager who will help you increase your profits and help you with anything related to the site.

5. Green Jakes:
If your users are looking for an easy-to-use (environmentally friendly) website hosting, you should subscribe to GreenJacks.

By joining their affiliate program, you can earn up to $125 based on your performance. GreenJacks recently paid marketers more than $3.5 million, according to account managers who are specialized and have useful reporting tools to improve your performance. Finally, there is no minimum sales requirement to unlock your payments. After applying, it takes 24 working hours.

The host -WP ENGINE one of Alastsafat that gives marketers higher payments, and commissions start from $ 200. It is a powerful hosting platform and one of the main hosts for bloggers who write reviews on WordPress hosting and scripts .

Their program features incentives and pricing levels. If five people sign up through you, you'll get an extra $100. If ten people buy, you'll get $250.

The LIQUID WEB hosting company runs its own program and pays marketers high commissions of 150% starting from $150-$7000 per transaction.

Account managers are distinguished and always help you. This site allows you to get a small credit for sales made through the affiliate link.

8- GoDaddy Hosting:
Hosting - GoDaddy is a platform for booking hosts and is considered a distinctive hosting. The site also provides other services, including the purchase of hosting and domain, and provides site building tools, many well-known sites use this company. For the commission, a 40% commission is paid. To get your own link by registering in the Commission Junction network or what is known as ( CJ ).

9- Hosting – namecheap:
Hosting - namecheap is a well known hosting company that has many clients and a lot of Affiliates. As for the commission, it varies from one network to another. You can also join their affiliate marketing program by joining one of the following networks:

1- Commission Junction Network, or what is known as ( CJ ).
2- Impact Radius Network .
3- ShareASale .
4- admitad.
10- Hosting - Kinsta :

Hosting - Kinsta is a hosting company that appeared in the beginning of 2013 that provides dedicated hosting for WordPress- based sites and is famous for its high quality and high price compared to other companies. For the affiliate marketing program, the commission is 10% per month with $500.

11- Flywheel Hosting:
Hosting -Flywheel is one of the most famous sites Alastdavat operating system Aluwrdberas which recently known for providing features and excellent customer service. For the affiliate marketing program, they pay you 300% on each package you subscribe to.

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website Builders and Bloggers:

After hosting companies, website building and blogging platforms are the most popular category, such as Wix and Squarespace at number one and e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify at number two when it comes to digital products. As a first step that bloggers take to create their own website, by booking hosting and the second step is to build the website.

Affiliate Marketing for E-Commerce Platforms:

PLATFORM - BIGCOMMERCE is an e-commerce platform with a monthly subscription with more than 60,000 merchants. It is known as the preferred e-commerce platform for brands that continue to grow due to its advanced features and functionality.

Their affiliate program offers a huge bonus of 200% on each plan, which means you can earn either $60, $160, $250 or $1,500. Cookies are 90 days long and offer ad banners, text affiliate links, and weekly affiliate newsletters with content templates and SEO tips.

2. Shopify platform:
The Shopify platform is one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world, with more than 400,000 stores and their commissions reach 200% of the package price. .

3. Wix-platform:
Wix platform: It is a platform for creating high-quality websites and blogs that does not need programming experience and has more than 100 million users. It contains many free and paid templates. The affiliate marketing program provides sweet commissions as it gives you $100 per sale via your link and features a lot of landing pages that help you in marketing it.

4. -Weebly platform:
Weebly is an online website building platform that has more than 40 million users. Not one of the most advanced sites, but sometimes it does the trick. For commissions, they give you 30% commissions as long as the customer continues with them, and the cookies last for a long period of 120 days.

5. -Sellfy platform:
The Sellfy platform is an e-commerce platform that you can build a blog through and you can also open your online store. This platform specializes in sites that sell digital products, subscription-based stores, and regular products. For the affiliate program, they have recurring commissions for a year starting from 25%. As for the account manager, they have a very awesome help affiliate marketers to increase profits.

6. Platform – 3DCart :
Platform - 3DCart is a fast e - commerce platform growth. As for the affiliate marketing program, it gives you a 300% commission on each purchase customer, and for the account managers, they are very excellent.

7. -Site123 platform:
Site123 is another platform for building a website, and this platform is characterized by the free templates that it provides, and the sites that you create are also mobile compatible. Their affiliate marketing program gives you a commission of up to 182 dollars, and you can withdraw your money only after you reach the amount you want I got it for $300.

8- Platform - Volusion:
Volusion is a website building platform that works in e-commerce and provides various services such as: web design, marketing and other business tools. It has monthly subscriptions in a nutshell which is similar to Shopify. For the affiliate marketing program, they pay 200% on every subscription through you.

9- The expandcart platform:
The expandcart platform is a website building platform that is famous for building websites for e-commerce. It contains many wonderful templates that are responsive to all devices. For the affiliate marketing program, you will earn 20% commission on the first payment from the customer coming through you.

10- zid platform:
It is a Saudi company through which you can enter into e-commerce by building your website through them. For commission marketing, you pay Zed 600 or 15% commission for each person who participates in the package. Growth means that if someone subscribes to the rest of the others, you will not get a commission.

11. Basket platform:
It is a Saudi company through which you can enter e-commerce by building your website through them. For affiliate marketing, you pay one commission on the Pro package for each subscriber through your affiliate marketing.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Design Programs and Freelance Platforms:

1- Khamsat:
Khamsat is a marketplace for buying and selling mini-services. Your services can be obtained, whether they are design, motion graphics, remote training programming, etc. for a certain amount, and it is known by this name because of the lowest service for 5 dollars. For the commission marketing program, $2 is paid after the person makes a purchase, and you will get the commission.

FIVERR is a micro-services site like Fiverr, but it is larger and directed mostly to the western community and is considered a global site. There are many services you can get. For the affiliate marketing program, the commission starts from $15 to $50.

3- Freelancer:
Freelancer is one of the well-known and trusted sites among freelancers. It has a variety of services that you can get, such as programming, writing, etc. As for the affiliate marketing program, it contains different commissions that depend on the nature of your account.

4- Envato Market:
Envato Market is a marketplace for creative people, whether they are sellers or buyers, where they can buy and sell digital products, whether they are website templates , images, etc. In general, a market that contains all digital products. Here you need to open an account with Payoneer . For the affiliate program, you pay 30% commission on each purchase.

5- Canva :
Canva is a graphic design platform that enables the user to create graphics and image modifications, as well as the ability to create presentations, posters, and visual content. For the affiliate program, you pay a commission of $25 on every purchase made by you.

6- Rakuten platform:
The Rakuten platform is a Japanese e-commerce company that built this site, which is a site that gathers all international brands in one place, and when you buy from it, you get the value of your purchases back with what is called cashback . As for the affiliate marketing program, it gives you $25 for each new registration.

Best Affiliate Marketing Sites for WordPress Themes and Plugins :

There is no website on the Internet that does not need a template. This is an essential thing for all websites. Some websites use free templates and others use paid templates. Each type has its own features and eyes. Here we will talk about the best affiliate marketing sites for WordPress templates:

ElegantThemes is a website for selling WordPress themes . For the affiliate program, commissions vary and are usually up to 50% per sale.

Site MyThemeShop words is a last option to get the templates work system Aluwrdberas- the WordPress . For their affiliate marketing program, you can make discounts for templates and the amount of the discount is for you.

A site 's Mojo Marketplace is another marketfor templates operating system Aluwrdberas-WordPress add and stuff that you can havemarketing program marketing browser extensions commission startcommission of 30%each sale.

A site 's Gravity Formsis one ofmost famous sites that sell templates that work system Aluwrdberas- WordPress and have other things Aluwrdberas- WordPress . As for the affiliate marketing program, it starts from 20% based on your choice. Secondly, every purchase in the $59 package will get you $11.80. Each purchase at $159 will get you $31.80. Finally, for each purchase of $259, you will receive $51.20.

The following list contains the best sites with recurring commissions:

As it is known that most companies provide commission marketers with one-time commissions. There are some companies that offer monthly payments on an ongoing basis, unlike well-known companies. Recurring commission marketing sites from their name have recurring commission or on a monthly basis.

With PABBLY's affiliate program , you can earn up to 30% recurring commission on every sale. They use a 30 day cookie period and deliver payments within 40 days.

Pabbly offers more than six sales and marketing products, whether it is email marketing or other things. Such as: building forms, billing subscriptions, checking email, application integration service, and more. The beautiful thing about this company is that you market the company once, and every time the customer buys and pays, you get a commission.

The highest commission that you can get by marketing the Pabbly Plus package - a package that contains all the applications of the PABBLY site with its other features. When you buy the lowest package, you will get 183 dollars.

The control panel is easy to use.

This special hosting podcasting commission frequent and continuing the famous site by 20%, and slightly sweet in which to submit card $ 20 from Amazon gift for you to help Xiaodah con I , personally , I support this a site 's BUZZSPROUT on the hosting page Alboudast and generally have an account manager terrible can help you Content and marketing ideas.

THINKIFIC-site is a popular platform for building online courses , and their affiliate marketing program offers 20% recurring on every sale.

Site- AMOCRM is a messenger based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Their affiliate program offers a recurring commission of 35% of each monthly subscription (and it never expires). In addition, the percentage is raised to 50% once you reach $10,000 in affiliate marketing.

HubSpot is a platform that provides all the tools you need in the field of digital marketing, including customer service management (CRM) and sales and marketing tools. For the affiliate marketing program, the lowest amount you can get is $230.

6. LEADPAGES is a popular landing page builder that helps users to create your own landing pages using forms and prompts. Their affiliate program offers a recurring commission of 30%.

TEACHABLE is an online course building platform that allows bloggers and website owners to build their lessons to sell to their students. They have 30% recurring commissions.

GETRSPONSE is an email marketing platform that offers 33% recurring commission. The truth is an awesome company in the field of email marketing.

ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools that is mainly aimed at professional bloggers and people working on the Internet. It contains packages starting from $29 per month. As for their affiliate marketing program, you pay 30% of each subscription on a monthly basis.

SEMRUSH-site is a platform that contains tools used for website owners. You can take advantage of this tool by tracking the keywords of the competing site and used for the purpose of auditing the site as well. Their affiliate marketing program is called BeRush , and they offer affiliate marketers with them a 40% commission on each purchase via a link your own.

AWEBER-Site is a platform that provides email marketing services, which is great and suitable for business owners and the marketing team because of the email templates they have and the high-end design features. For their affiliate program they offer a recurring 30% commission on every purchase made by you.

CONVERTKIT-site is one of the e-mail marketing tools for favorites and suitable for bloggers. As for their affiliate program, they offer 30% per month on every purchase made through you and as long as the buyer renews the package, you will get your commission.

Hunter-site. In fact, this site is terrible. Through this site, you can get the emails of the work team for any site and its method is only to put the link of any site and then it answers you the emails of the people you work on! I mean, it is really useful for the sales and marketing team if you want to reach the team of a particular company. Commission is 30% on 12 invoices.

PROMOOREPUBLIC-Site is a platform for scheduling posts (posts) on social networking sites. You pay up to 30% for each sale via your affiliate link, and the commission ranges between $40 and $1,500 per month. They also provide rewards for the best performance and discount codes to help you increase buyers through your affiliate link.

ELEGANT THEMES-WEBSITE IS A PLATFORM TO VIEW THEMES ON WORDPRESS WITH MORE THAN 550,000 CLIENTS . If you are a blogger and want template recommendations for blogger readers, you can join ELEGANT THEMES and get your own link and marketing. For commissions, you will get 50% of the recurring amount paid.

NINJAOUTREACH-site is a platform that contains marketing tools for followers or subscribers and helps you find emails for potential customers and helps you build mailing lists and increase your efforts for content marketing. Previously they save 50% frequently but now they save 20%.

SPYFU is an SEO platform focused on competitor analysis . You can use it to find out what keywords are used by the competitor, both free and paid. It is characterized by a continuous payment of 40%.

CLICKFUNNELS is a well-known platform for affiliate marketers or bloggers who work either in affiliate marketing or in marketing their own courses and is more famous for making landing pages , and it offers 40% return on all sales. They have tons of ads, different courses that you can market to, and an awesome dashboard to get your affiliate links up and get commissions.

BuilderAll is a platform that competes with ClickFunnels and has the same services and offers you many services in one package. As for the commission marketing program for them, it is a little special. You will get a 100% commission on any customer who registers through you, and then you will earn 30% per month if the package is renewed on a monthly basis, and if you attract more clients, the percentage will increase. They have one drawback, which is that in order to participate in their affiliate marketing program, you must pay an amount of $50 annually.

What does recurring commissions mean?
Briefly, the sites are divided into two parts, according to what we mentioned previously: sites that give commissions once, and sites that give continuously, usually sites with a monthly subscription.

Best Affiliate Marketing Sites in the Travel Industry:

From hotels to travel platforms like the traveler and then to airlines and Bakjat that Aamloha Holidays In general period Alhalbh saw inflation in a large number of operations compared with previous previous purchase offers are online more than ever - so why not take advantage?

Let's say you've opened a travel blog and your audience is travel enthusiasts.

You can recommend your followers, whether for hotels, travel packages, airlines, and travel equipment from affiliate companies and sites, and get sales commissions for each transaction through you.

I also add to you that you can do more than that. You can put all the hotel reservation sites on your site, choose specific destinations, put hotels, and suggest packages that interest you. For example, you can start an affiliate site that specializes in a particular city, writing content about the top things to do in that city and activities to do, how-to tips about the local area, and marketing for specific hotels.

Best Affiliate Marketing Sites in the Travel Industry:

1. Site - TripAdvisor:
TripAdvisor is a popular travel site known for its local reviews of things to do. The site also allows you to book hotels, vacation offers, restaurant reservations, and more. The site offers up to 50% commission with a 14-day cookie period. Based on the commission, this site is the best site for me in the travel category.

2. Travelpayouts website:
Travelpayouts is one of the ideal travel platforms, as it says about itself, it has a lot of services and this platform is known to integrate other travel platforms in one place such as Booking.com , Airbnb , Rentalcars.com, and others. The platform offers affiliate marketers 80% commission, but the average is 1.6% for flights and 6% for hotel bookings. Duration of cookies is 30 days.

3. Expedia website:
It is considered a site 's Expedia brand a major global travel which is the parent company for more than the previous sites. For the Affiliate Program, you can market more than 260,000 bookable properties with 150 websites in 70 countries. Based on these data, I consider it my second favorite platform.

4. Marriott-location:
Marriott's website is aptly named. I don't think there is a person who does not know this international brand in the hotel sector. Offers a wide range of hotels that need marketing for their programs. They give commissions of 3% for holiday packages and 4-6% for hotels. For cookies, it lasts 7 days.

5. Travelocity:
Travelocity is a well-known travel platform with trips covering all parts of the world. As for the affiliate marketing program, it gives marketers a commission of 2-4%, and cookies expire after 45 days.

6. Priceline:
Priceline is a hugely popular platform because it has cheap deals on hotels, flights, and more. It gives affiliate marketers 3-5% commission on every order via your link and the cookie sits with you for 30 days.

7. Hotels.com:
Hotels.com is another way to make money from hotels in a different way. They also have over 15 million registered members in their affiliate program. As for the affiliate marketing program, they give a commission of 4% on each sale and the cookies last for 7 days.

8. Location - Hilton:
Location- Hilton is a well-known name and is a global brand in the hotel industry offering luxury hotel accommodation and a wide range of hotels. They offer 4% commission, cookies expire after 7 days.

9. Hotwire:
Hotwire is a site that offers last minute travel deals and access to cheap flights and hotels. Provides 2% commission on each transaction and cookies expire after 7 days.

10. Booking.com Website:
Booking.com is a well-known and well-known platform that offers booking flights, hotels and renting airport taxis. By joining them, you get access to more than 2.2 million websites, and they offer a 4% commission on every sale, but there is a downside: the duration of the cookies expires when the user closes the browser.

11-CheapFlight Website:
CheapFlight is a flight booking site, and you can make a comparison between flight prices and choose the best suitable price for you, and they have other things. As for the affiliate marketing program, it has different commissions.

12- Agoda website:
Agoda -agoda site is one of the most important Aguada and the world 's largest hotel reservation sites. Known for being an inexpensive platform, it has today more than 1.8 million hotels and serviced apartments. For the affiliate marketing program, they have a commission of 5% on each purchase through your affiliate link.

The best affiliate marketing sites in the field of games and software:

 If you are a gamer , have a passion or upload videos on YouTube , there are plenty of affiliate marketing programs for video games.

Twitch's affiliate marketing program offers beautiful features to help players generate additional income through affiliate marketing. It can market video game subscriptions and sales.

All you need to join the program is to have 50 followers, have 500 broadcast minutes over the past 30 days, seven broadcast days and an average of 3 or more viewers. Alternatively, you can recommend video game subscription services like Gamefly and monetize new experiences and game purchases that you create using your affiliate links.

In the end, find a gaming affiliate that matches your interests.

Here are my picks for the best elevated gaming sites and Twitch affiliate programs:

Commission: 5%
Cookie duration: 180 days

commission 5%
cookies 90 days.

Commission: 10-20% on software, 3% on other products
Cookies: 30 days

Commission: $15 per trial subscription, 5% for new games, 10% for used games
Cookies: 30 days.

commission 50% of the subscription, and 5% on game sales.

PremiumCDKeys is a popular site for selling Windows, Office, McAfee software, games, etc. at discounted prices. For the commission marketing program, it gives you a 7.5% commission on each purchase, and you can create a code and market it, and the customer gets a 7.5% discount.

Best affiliate marketing sites in fashion:

Marketing programs are considered in the commission field of fashion and fashion and clothing in general is very terrible and influential bloggers who always Maigoumoua recommend to the latest fashion trends , whether on social networking platforms such as on Anstjeram - the Instagram and other platforms and make money from the recommendation.

When recommending this area, you have to be very focused so that you can focus on your audience and be the right reference for a particular type of fashion.

Once you've discovered your industry you'd like to work with, find clothes and accessories that go with you. Ultimately, the company you want to market to has to match your style, and you must love their brand.

Here are my picks for the best affiliate marketing sites in the fashion industry:

1- Namshi:
Namshi is an e-commerce platform that has emerged recently in the Middle East in particular, and they have more than 600 international and local brands in the field of fashion, women's, men's and children's fashion. For the affiliate marketing program, the commission starts from 10% often.

2- Shein:
Shein is an e-commerce platform that has emerged recently in the Middle East in particular, and they have more than 600 international and local brands in the field of fashion, women's, men's and children's fashion. As for the affiliate marketing program, if you wish to subscribe , please use the following networks: admitad , awin , . cj , shareasale..

Commission: Up to 7.4%
Cookies: 30 days.

Commission: 5%
Cookies: 15 days

Commission: 10%
Cookies: 15 days.

Commission: Up to 18% per
cookiesale: 60 days.

commission: 2-20%,
cookies: 7 days.

Commission: 7%,
Cookies: 7 days

Affiliate marketing sites in the field of makeup and beauty:

In this particular field, there are many who have a lot of followers, whether on their blogs or on social media. In general, the followers are excited to get the latest beauty products tips and product reviews. Therefore, we notice that many influencers in this particular field focus on preparing training programs and then recommend the products they want to market, whether through YouTube clips, Snapchat or on Instagram, and they put steps to use each product and method of use. If you like the product, you can buy through the link!!!

Because of the previous talk, I found a lot of blogs and a lot of Websites for the purpose of searching for marketers lik former influencers in the field of beauty and makeup that you can work with, but first you have to choose the brands that are in your field in order to be able to market to them. For different commissions range from 2-10% on average, and profits can vary significantly.

Finally, choose the brand you want to market to that pays well, matches your style, and is compatible with your industry. Here are my picks for the best beauty affiliate programs :

Commission: $20
Cookies: 30 days.

Commission: up to 10%, average 3%.

Commission: 7.5% + Performance Bonuses
Cookies: 7 days.

Commission: 8%
Cookies: 60 days.

Commission: 2.5%
Cookies: 45 days.

Commission: 5-10%
Cookies: 24 hours.

Commission: 2-5%
Cookies: 30 days

Affiliate marketing sites for financial companies:

1- Payoneer:
Payoneer-site is a financial services company that provides online money transfer services and electronic payment services, in short, as an electronic bank. You benefit from it in order to receive your money from Internet sites, and here we can mention a point that they are some sites. They are some sites that accept only this company, and it is one of the requirements of marketers and workers on the Internet.

As for their commission marketing program, when you invite someone to register with them and an account is opened through you, they give you a commission of $25 for each referral, but they have one condition that the customer receives $1,000 when this happens, you will receive your commission.

If you want to register and open an account, register here to benefit from a commission.
Affiliate programs for paid courses and bookstore sites:udemy

1- Udemy:
Udemy is an educational electronic platform that contains millions of courses that you can register for. As for the affiliate marketing program, it is somewhat different, because the commission depends on the number of subscribers through you.

2- Cambly:
Cambly is a site that has been innovatively programmed to facilitate learning the English language by speaking with another English speaker and a native speaker of the language, and they have other advantages. As for the affiliate marketing program, they have commissions that get you a commission if the subscription is made through you. If the customer subscribes and pays $100, the commission here is $2.

3- Coursera:
Site Korsera- Coursera is an educational platform and is currently the most famous educational platforms in the field of online education where because of the courses offered by one of the best universities in the world , with the number of students exceeds more than 4 million contains more than 1,200 cycle. For the affiliate marketing program, you pay 45% on each course you subscribe to.

4- Jamalon:
Site Jmlon- Jamalon is a website to sell books online and has more than 9.5 million books Arabic and English and distinctive thing in which they have delivery service for the home. For their commission marketing program, they give you 25% on every sales made through your link.

Affiliate marketing programs for online shopping sites and shipment aggregation platforms

1- Amazon associates:
amazon associates . Amazon is one of the most powerful companies in the world. According to statistics, it occupies a large market share. This is a terrible advantage for affiliate marketers with this company. The other thing is that it is a global brand too, which gives you more credibility. As for the affiliate marketing program, it gives you a commission from 4 to 5% of each sale, depending on the product.

2- Ebay:
eBay is a global website for buying products. It contains millions of users and is considered the first competitor site to Amazon. As for the commission marketing program, it is considered that they have high reliability. They have millions of marketers all over the world. The commission varies according to the product. Each product and each classification has a different commission.

I don't think there is a person who does not know this site as a global site and one of the largest global sites, as the number of visitors to the "Ali Express" site reaches more than 600 million visitors per month from all over the world. Here lies the opportunity to work in commission marketing with this company.

For the real commission marketing program, the commission ranges from 3% to 10%, depending on the location of the country and the product to be promoted.

4- The personal shopper platform:
Shopper is a platform that was created with the purpose of making the experience of shopping and trading from China as easy as possible. The buyer can buy from China through the platform. For the affiliate marketing program, you get a commission of 5%.

5- MyCN platform:
The MyCN platform was launched in 2013 and provides a service to facilitate shopping from China and facilitate online orders by collecting shipments in the company's warehouses and sending them to you according to the time you want. As for the affiliate marketing program, it gives you a commission on every registration through you...

Affiliate Marketing Networks:

Affiliate marketing networks are platforms that gather more than one site in one place, meaning instead of registering in each site, a unit is registered in one network, and you can market to more than one site in the same account instead of registering with each company found. They are considered intermediaries between merchants who sell products and affiliate marketers.

And other benefits as well. It allows you to compare commissions for the rest of the programs in one place, receive payments from one place, and even track all your links from one place.

How do I choose the best company?

Your choice of company depends on what site you want to join to promote. Each company is different from the other. It is preferred to choose according to the programs with your orientation

1- Make sure that the subscription is free.
2- It has many sites with which it subscribes.
3- High quality customer service.
4- The commission is high.

Now that you know what to look for, here are my picks for the best affiliate marketing networks:

1. Shareasale Network:
Shareasale is a very large affiliate network with more than 3900 merchants and more than a million people working in affiliate marketing. They have now for more than 19 years. The most important areas that you can market in are fashion, home, garden, food and drink, etc. There are many more.

In addition to that, they offer some lessons, occasional seminars , online meetings , and marketing tools to help you increase your profits.

And if you are a merchant and want to search for a company that helps you in marketing, you can organize them as well.

2- The admitad network:
One of the best misleading networks I have and is one of the oldest companies in this field. It is a network like what we said in the past that combines advertisers and publishers. The company is characterized by having hundreds of products that you can market through them. It also has a very awesome control panel that contains water sites such as Ali Express and others from sites.

Clickbank is another global network, like the previous company, which has a good reputation in this field and contains thousands of products that you can market to, whether it is in child rearing, skin care and other sections. In addition to that, their commission reaches 75%, and it also contains digital products. The advantage is in This service is that they have a copy and paste feature, meaning the owner of the product only copies the product and paste it to sell it again. You can achieve 100 dollars comfortably from this company.

4- Commission Junction network, or what is known as (CJ):
The Commission Junction network, or what is known as (CJ), is one of the best affiliate marketing sites for high-end companies, even at the level of technical payment. . For the affiliate marketing program, it ranges between $1 and $100 per sale, depending on the product you are marketing for.

5- DCM Network:
The DCM Network, one of the most wonderful networks that I have personally worked on, started in 2012 and is based in the UAE, through which you can market and get the Noon discount code and other companies. According to the company.

6- Hareer Deals:
Network Silk Delz- Hareer Deals Like other networks, but the difference in this network it is in Arabic , which is suitable for some people and the commission , ranging from another company to.

7- ARABYADS Network:
ARABYADS is another Arab affiliate marketing network launched in late 2013, targeting the Middle East and North Africa. The ARABYADS network differs from the rest of the other Arab networks in that it does not accept all requests, because it does not have certain conditions and does not accept novice marketers. This is the difference between it and the rest of the networks. As for the commissions, it varies from one company to another.

8- MaxBounty Network:
MaxBounty Network is one of the oldest networks in the field of commission marketing ( cpc) that is located on the Internet. The company was founded in 2004, as it is considered one of the oldest companies. For this reason, it does not accept beginners and is very strict and follow-up with marketers, and when you have a number of clients who bought through you, you can raise the commission rate. The commission varies according to the program.

9- PeerFly Network:
PeerFly Network, like the previous networks, is one of the best companies in the field of commission marketing, and there are several things that you can work through by doing some tasks and getting money in return for it. This platform does not accept beginners and is very strict in terms of accepting marketers. As for their affiliate marketing program, it varies according to the program.

10- Network-Clickbooth:
Clickbooth network is also one of the oldest existing networks and is reputable for marketers and has a lot of offers in different fields and does not accept beginners. As for their affiliate marketing program, it varies according to the program.

Cpalead-Network is also one of the oldest existing networks that are famous in the field of affiliate marketing and the beauty of this company is that it accepts marketers if you are a beginner.

12- Impact Radius Network:
Impact Radius Network is one of the online networks that are well known in their field. It has many companies that you can market to. As for the affiliate marketing program, it varies according to the company to be marketed for.

Awin-Network is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the world. Founded in 2000, it has more than 1,600 brands in 77 sectors in 11 regions around the world. For the affiliate marketing program, the commission varies by company. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20. There is one negative need to be a commission marketer with them, they require payment of $5 once.

Do all the mentioned sites require a blog or not?

From a while ago, marketers began to use social networking sites to promote affiliate links and publish links on social media platforms, WhatsApp groups, telegrams, etc., from here we can say that some network does not require a blog.

In short, we can say that in the first place it depends on the same field and the second thing depends on where the followers are located and where they can be more available.

The best strategy I can participate in is to subscribe to a program that matches your followers on social media platforms, but I can share with you some of the winning areas: home d├ęcor, women's fashion, health and fitness, etc.

The last thing you should know is that the blog you can benefit from free visitors through Google search engines with the presence of search engine optimization, this is a distinctive point of having a blog on the Internet with social networking accounts.

Important tips for those wishing to start affiliate marketing:

In affiliate marketing, do not focus only on the product because the percentage of each sales is high only, but search for a product of value and try to build a story for each product.

1. Focus on marketing the products you love and understand.
2- Be honest in your reviews in order to gain a good reputation and this helps you in increasing the number of visitors to your site.
3- Try to learn everything new in your field and develop yourself constantly.
4- Learn the methods of email marketing .
5- Do not forget the first step for affiliate marketing is to create a blog on Blogger or on WordPress.

Finally, be sure to use the following tools:

Affluent tools to keep all your reports in one control panel. ThirstyAffiliates to hide your links and facilitate the process of placing links.

In the end, there are many, many sites that provide the commission marketing program, choose what suits your field and do not register all of them and distract yourself.

We hope that you like this guide, and we will constantly update and publish information that will enable you to increase your profits. 

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