- Thailand: Horrible pictures: Burned his wife alive because of "Silvie"

Thailand: Horrible pictures: Burned his wife alive because of "Silvie"

A  jealous husband immersed his wife in the liquid of gasoline burning her, after a fit of jealousy to see all of Silve photos on Facebook, without expecting that harsh result. 
Chatoran Tarin, 28, has been married to Nidnava Niankhul, 26, since January 2016, before the husband became too jealous and abusive to the wife.
Last December, Niankhul published three photographs of Sylvie innocent on her personal Facebook page, igniting jealousy in the heart of her husband, who in turn set fire to the wife. 
The wife, the mother of one child, tried to escape but the jealous husband raided her with petrol and set fire to their home in Amfoy Qiang Kham, northern Thailand. 
She suffered terrible burns in all parts of her body and face, needed three emergency operations and was still waiting for more in the coming months. 
Despite the pain he was forgiven
but unbelievably, she said she had forgiven her husband awaiting a court order; for their son, who said she did not want to be affected by what had happened. "I have been deformed from the outside and in my heart, but I have to forgive him because we have a child," she said after leaving the hospital. 
"It was the worst pain and horror a human has ever had, so that no one can ever imagine him," she said. "From that moment I can not deny the existence of hell."
"A man can escape from anything, but of course he can not escape his destiny. If no one knows fate, he can not escape from it," she added.
"My husband feels sin and knows that his fate will one day befall him. He can not escape anything and now he is on his way to prison, but at the same time he has a child who is waiting for him and needs care." 
Friends collect money
and a friend of the family took pictures of the wife on the treatment bed, in order to raise funds to enable it to complete the rest of the cosmetic operations required in the future, to restore the skin and return to normal. 
She has had surgery on her neck, mouth and chin at least three times. Her fingers have been badly damaged; she also requires more surgeries in her right arm, and is also suffering from many ligament problems.
In the fund-raising announcement, Ms. Niankhul will not be able to work in this way, and her husband will be in prison. She needs financial assistance and urgently requires essential things such as water, wound lotion, cotton fabrics, bandages and other medical supplies. 
As for the man who was arrested immediately, it is not known how long he will remain in prison, since no verdict has been issued. A police spokesman said: "It will be carefully considered as a family matter, but a fair verdict will be issued in all cases."

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