- Thieves steal the Tesla easily Despite high protection techniques, Video

Thieves steal the Tesla easily Despite high protection techniques, Video

Tesla stolen from one of the owners of electric cars Tesla smart, the robbery car happned  in front of his house, after he managed to open the car thieves to pick up radio signals emitted by the car key from inside his house, which allows them opened as soon as the key approaches.
One of the thieves picked up those signs and sent them to a phone carrying the other thief next to the car. The car then opened and then managed

it, but they took some time to remove the car charger and finally run away.
Anthony Kennedy, the owner of the stolen car, said he was "the first person to steal his car because he did not care about activating the new feature of receiving a code on his phone to allow Pin to Drive. He also kept the Passive Entry mode open by approaching the wireless key, Totally thieves. " 
Kennedy advised everyone to activate the new feature, which allows you to receive the code through your phone or email to allow anyone to drive your car even if you are away from them.
Take all precautions urges security experts
If the owner had of used one, the signals would not have been able to be intercepted. There have been a series of thefts in the UK recently using similar methods to the one seen in the video.
If you are a Tesla owner in the UK it's highly recommended that you take all possible security measures to protect your vehicle. However, security precautions aren’t always enough.
U.S thief stole rented Tesla using a smartphone
One enterprising Tesla thief in the United States took a backdoor approach to get his own vehicle. The alleged thief rented a Tesla from a company called Travel, located inside the Mall of America in Minnesota.
The renter called Tesla and had the car added to his own Tesla account verifying the car using its individual ID number. Once the car was linked to his account, he could use a smartphone app to unlock the car and drive away.
He cleverly disabled the GPS tracking on the car, but was eventually caught as the real owner of the car was able to log the stolen Tesla's visit to Superchargers as it headed to Texas. Tesla says the rental company must have previously authenticated the driver's use of the smartphone app for the this to happen, a claim denied by Travel.
On a final note, the two thieves captured in this security camera footage are reportedly still on the loose, so if you do recognize either of them please contact your local police.

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