- A new study: Loss of two hours of sleep cost you a lot!

A new study: Loss of two hours of sleep cost you a lot!

The first new study of its kind, says losing two hours of sleep at night makes people more angry.
Researchers at Iowa State University found that losing two hours of sleep directly stimulated anger, not just as a result of feeling more negative.
The difference is designed to reflect what people regularly experience in everyday life.The participants in the study were divided into two groups: the first, characterized by normal sleep
protein, and the second, characterized by loss of two to four hours sleep every night for two nights.
The two groups were asked to evaluate different products while listening to annoying noise. The researchers said the aim was to create uncomfortable conditions and anger.
"In general, anger was significantly higher for those who lost hours of sleep," said study leader Professor Zlatan Krisan. "We manipulated the extent of the annoying noise during the experiment, and as expected, people were told that there was more anger when the noise was more unpleasant "When sleep was restricted, participants were reported to be more angry, regardless of noise."

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