- Do not bite the hand that fed you, Ronaldo!

Do not bite the hand that fed you, Ronaldo!


Juventus have suffered their first loss of the season in all competitions, after falling at the hands of Manchester United 1-2 in their Champions League game yesterday.
Juventus's Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winner in the 65th minute from a single touch after a brilliant pass from Leonardo Bonucci behind United's defenders, and then celebrated the goal by lifting his shirt and showing the muscles of his stomach.
The Ronaldo celebration sparked controversy, contrary to the football rules that the player does not celebrate when he scored in the old line respect, especially as "Don" entered the world of stardom from the gate of Manchester United, who achieved his first titles in the Champions League.
The fans of the Red Devils still had respect for Ronaldo, and it was obvious when he visited Old Trafford in the first leg, and then thanked the fans for the "warm reception".
Social networking sites have also been ridiculed by the manner of the celebration itself, and many critics considered it to reflect a state of arrogance in the player and his constant muscular build-up.
The most prominent comments were: "Do not bite the hand that fed you"

The first Cristiano Ronaldo scores against Man United and celebrated was Also the first time Tasted defeat Against Man United.

You don't bite the fingers that fed you. 😁😁
In another comment: "Ronaldo scored against United and he was happy, it was the first time he did it and the first time he has suffered a defeat by United since we left. There is a god!"

Cristiano Ronaldo scores against us and celebrated. This is the first time he’d do that and this is also the first time he’s tasting defeat since he left us. Look at God.
Ronaldo and his team lost more to the game after the Red Devils turned their backs on a precious win in the last five minutes after being scored by Juan Mata in the 86th minute and Brazilian forward Juventus Alex Sandro in the 90th minute


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