- How did the doors of "hell" open in California?

How did the doors of "hell" open in California?

California is still facing the worst fires in its history so far, with 42 people killed and 228 missing, as the authorities try to control this "hell".
Deimos Imaging published stunning images of the destruction of Hellfire and the Woolsey Fire on Nov. 12, where a flare of flame spread across the hills and blocked the windy scene.

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images captured yesterday, Nov. 12, show , the deadliest wildfire in California's history, and the burn scars caused by & . Our solidarity with the victims' families.

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A close look at the deadly that burned down the town. We used and images in to look at 's deadliest and most devastating fire 🔥http://bit.ly/2zUhs0K @NASA_Landsat @USGSLandsat

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Previous images, taken on November 8 by NASA's Landsat 8, showed the Campfire fire in its early stages, a few hours before it broke out.

The fire destroyed 20,000 acres (about 80,937 square kilometers), in less than 14 hours, due to heavy winds.
NASA's Terra has a clearer view of its state-of-the-art fire and destruction. The images showed a large column of smoke rising wildly into the southwestern sky of the United States and stretching over the Pacific Ocean.

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