- Leave his wife a bag of money and disappeared! Sacrifice or betrayal ..

Leave his wife a bag of money and disappeared! Sacrifice or betrayal ..

Before Salvatore Manino, 52, disappeared, he left his family with a $ 12,000 bag and a vague letter apologizing.
The Daily Mail reported that Scottish police found Salvatore Manino, who was missing in Italy a month ago. 
Salvatore had felt ill health near the Cathedral of Egeeus and was taken to hospital. It was found in the hospital that the man had no documents proving his identity and that he did not speak English well. When he arrived at the police station, Salvatore explained that he had lost his memory and did not know who he was.

A "lost" Italian tourist who claimed he had no memory of who he was or how he got to where he was after he was found wandering around Edinburgh has admitted he was faking his amnesia to avoid his "nagging" mother-in-law.
Salvatore Mannino, 52,

Investigations later revealed that the man had inquired before he disappeared from the weather in Edinburgh, the city where he was found, and stealthily approached her. 
According to one hypothesis, Salvatore was related to the local Chinese mafia, so for an unknown reason he had to escape.The police then began searching for relatives of the mysterious person, and a month later they found his family in Italy. 
The wife of Salvatore and his son traveled directly to Edinburgh, and when they met him he did not recognize that he knew them (because he had memory loss).
It seems that Salvatore's wife was not convinced of this hypothesis, and because of his insistence that he was out of memory, he sent the Italian to a psychiatric hospital in Pisa, but doctors have yet to find an explanation for his strange behavior.


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