- The discovery of remains of a "Nazi suicide bomb"!

The discovery of remains of a "Nazi suicide bomb"!

Researchers have discovered the remains of a horrific "air bomb" belonging to the Nazis in the Kentish Forest near the English city of Ashford.
The German V1, or Hitler's suicide bombs (as it was called), killed thousands of people between 1944 and 1945.
"V1", also known as "Doodlebug", was destroyed in the "packing" forests in 1944 during a failed attempt to hit the British capital, London, and was part of 10,000 "enemy weapons"

launched by German troops stationed in the Netherlands during the final stages of the World War the second.
The first version of V1 was launched in London on June 13, 1944. 
During peak times, more than 100 bombs were launched per day towards the east of England.
Because the targets were very random, the bombs dropped when the fuel ran out, and some of them were modified later to be directed precisely towards a specific target, such as Buckingham Palace.
Speaking to Live Science, Colin Welch, who leads a special archaeological team called Research Research, said he wanted to create an online museum for the V exploration. "This is our history and must be documented in a responsible way," he said.In total, 22,892 victims, mostly civilians, were injured. In an effort to stop the attack, British forces used guns and fighter jets to intercept the bombs, and launch sites and underground storage depots were targeted during the strategic bombing.
Welch says the rocket was dropped by a Polish pilot named Sergeant I, Joseph Donokik.
The V1s were developed in a way that required the pilot to save himself at the last minute, to appear to be somewhat suicidal, and although he made 175 V1s, they were not used because of Hitler's money. Some 70 pilots, most of them young Hitler, went on flight training, knowing they were no longer on duty.
After the war, Allied soldiers found several bombs in Germany, while one was flown to Britain for examination by military scientists.

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