- The future homes by Using human urine to build

The future homes by Using human urine to build

A new study found that the construction of future homes can be done using bricks or concrete made of human urine.
Researchers at the University of Cape Town developed the world's first bio-human basis, making bricks through a natural process called microbial sedimentation.
In this process, soft sand or mud is mixed with bacteria, which produces an enzyme called urease naturally.
Urease destroys urea in the urine, while calcium

carbonate forms the sand according to the selected form.
Surprisingly, this entire process can occur at room temperature, which is good news for protecting the environment and preventing global warming.
"If the customer wants a 40 percent stronger brick base, the bacteria will allow the solid to be made stronger," said Dr Dillon Randall, who worked on the project.

During the brick making process, nitrogen and potassium elements can also be produced, which can be used as commercial fertilizers. In general, this leads to zero waste production.
"The most important question is how to do it in an improved way, so that you can make a profit from urine," Dr Randall said.
The biggest obstacle is the social acceptance of human urine.

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