- Real Madrid regain its balance by dropping Valencia 2-0

Real Madrid regain its balance by dropping Valencia 2-0


Real Madrid, the winning streak in La Liga, regained their 2-0 win over Valencia on Saturday in the 14th round of the tournament.

Real Madrid's Daniel Vass scored his first goal in the 8th minute, while Lucas Vasquez scored the second goal in the 83rd minute .
 Real Madrid, who scored 23 points in fifth place, In 13th place.
The first threat was Real Madrid, with Karim Benzema, left ball past Valencia in the 3rd minute.

Real Madrid opened the scoring in the 8th minute due to the use of a defensive error, the ball went to defender Daniel Wass, .
The mistakes continued from Valencia, as goalkeeper Nieto missed a ball and reached Vázquez, who passed on to his teammate Danny Sibayos, who in turn gave him a shot but hit a defender in the 24th minute .
 Valencia began the search for the equalizer with a powerful shot from Kevin Gammero. 27 minutes, but it passed the highest goal of Tibo Kurtwa. The second threat to the bats came from Parejo, but goalkeeper Tibo Curtua easily grabbed the
ball in the
second minute. 31.
Karim Benzema tried to double the score for Mirngi
with a powerful shot to the right of goalkeeper Neto, but it went through the net in the 36th minute. The lead continued with a powerful shot from Welsh Gareth Bell's feet, but it passed the top of the bat in the 37th minute.
In the second half, Valencia began to threaten Curtua's goal, with Soller firing the ball to the right of the Belgian keeper, who grabbed it in the
49th minute . Santi Mina missed Valencia's most dangerous chance in the game as Parejo passed a deep ball into Real Madrid's defense. Mina, who shot the ball, scored the highest goal of Cortois in the 53rd minute.
Real Madrid responded by threatening the goal of the bat, with Karim Benzema hitting a header but passing by Neto's goal in the 54th minute and a shot from Luka Modric in the 55th minute .
 Real Madrid, involving Marco Asencio instead of Gareth Bell, then Vide Valverde instead of Luka Modric, And finally Iesco instead of Danny Sibayos.
Daniel Parejo, an indirect free kick, continued to miss the ball to Gabriel Paulista, who shot off Real in the 64th minute.
For his part, Valencia coach Marcellino pushed two changes at once, involving Pichini and Kondubia instead of Daniel Wass and Cochleen, and minutes later involved Pacheway instead of Kevin Jammeru.
Marco Ascencio, the most dangerous chance of Real Madrid in the second half, missed the ball in front of the goal, but shot towards the defender Pichini in the 72nd minute .
 Lukas Vasquez, the second goal of Real Madrid, with a shot to the left of goalkeeper Neto, .
he failure of the players of Valencia, in reducing the difference in the remaining minutes of the game, the three points to seal Almiranji for him.

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