- How much do you know the health benefits of drinking alcohol ?

How much do you know the health benefits of drinking alcohol ?

Drinking does not depend on the individual’s personal choice but in our India it is considered as a social evil which is wrong with my view because it depends on the discretion of the person who is drinking alcohol And if such standards are taken care of, then alcohol may be the cause of personal happiness. However, how each person has to deal with his body is his personal issue and if he wants, he can spoil it with his bad habits or whatever he can use or depend on his personal choice, but still The thing is bad. And if we talk about alcohol, then how much less can it affect our body, then let us know that alcohol is in effect in hindi. From alcohol affects our body.

Small amount of alcohol also affects your body as we said earlier and it quickly gets into the blood of our body and reduces water. Yes but if you are eating something then it takes time to get it in the blood, especially when your food is more fat. The short-term effect of alcohol is that which means that there is no such loss in our habit of smoking a drink as it gets covered, but if talking about long-term effects, it will give your body both emotional and physical Damages.

The main disadvantages of alcohol are as follows 
It affects our emission system most, which is the work of our system to exclude unwanted substances by the urethra and rectal system. By consuming large amounts of alcohol, your pancreas is made into toxic substances, due to which its work There can be a change in the way.

The biggest alcohol side effect occurs on alcohol in our liver by consuming more amounts of alcoholic hepatitis in your liver and you can understand that liver may be ruined by this. Knowing that the liver caused by alcohol in women is more than the losses of men.

The effect of alcohol on our body can be seen as soon as it can reach all the parts of our body due to which it has an effect on our nervous system and after you have consumed it, talk to someone, drink more Till it becomes difficult. Also, it is harmful for your brain, and for long periods of time you may have many types of Permanent Brain Problems, including dementia, which is also called as hallucination in Hindi.

Long term drinking alcohol side effect also happens that it causes the deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1) due to which your eyes may have weakness and damage to the eyes muscles.

Alcohol consumption affects both men and women in a different way, and for this reason it is seen that low alcohol for women is also harmful.

The most important thing to know about alcohol side effects is that it also adversely affects your digestive tract, as well as it adversely affects all the necessary parts of the stomach and in such a way that the food we eat for stomach and stomach system It becomes difficult to make nutrients.

Even alcohol is not good for your heart, and the main problems in this problem are irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and heart failure. If you drink more than you need, then any of these The likelihood of getting the disease increases.

Alcohol also affects side effects on sexual and reproductive system; When a person is a chronic drinker, there is also a problem associated with sexual abilities, and the risk of irregularity of their menstrual cycle and also the risk of stomach increases.

The reason for problems like miscarriage, premature delivery, and stillbirth and breast cancer is also the alcohol side effect.

Osteoporosis, which is a disease associated with bone which causes bone loss, can also cause alcoholic drinks regularly.

Also, our immune system, which helps in keeping us from all external factors and diseases, and also helps to keep the disease free, alcohol drink also has a great side effect. Also, many types of cancer-related diseases are also more prone to people drinking than the general population.
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