- Morocco: Dounia Batma charged with violating privacy, could confront a 5-year jail term !!!

Morocco: Dounia Batma charged with violating privacy, could confront a 5-year jail term !!!

The 28-year-old star has been banned from leaving the country. His trial is scheduled to begin on 10 September. février.La Moroccan singer Dounia Batma was charged Monday and banned from leaving the country for alleged links to anonymous Instagram and Snapchat accounts that slander and peddle rumors about other Moroccan stars.
 King Mohammed VI decorated her the 1st Medal of awards

King Mohammed VI decorated her the 2nd Medal of awards

According to the official MAP agency, the investigating judge of the Court of First instance of Marrakech has decided to prosecute the 28-year-old singer, as well as her sister, for " participation in fraudulent access to the computer processing system of data and dissemination of images and statements of others without her consent, for the purpose of harming or defaming ".

The investigating judge ordered the deposit of 400 000 dirhams (approximately €37 000).

According to local press reports, the star, who usually lives between Morocco and Bahrain, has been banned from leaving the country. His trial is scheduled to begin on 10 February.

Intimate Photos and rumors
The artist is suspected of being among the instigators of two anonymous Instagram and Snapchat accounts, called "Hamzamonbb", which are now suppressed, which still recently broadcast private conversations attributed to other artists, intimate photos and rumors. This led to several complaints and an investigation.
“Hamza mon bb” is a Moroccan social media phenomenon. Several suspects are implicated in the case for sharing videos of celebrities in order to blackmail them.

In the context of this case, the singer was heard more than twelve hours by investigators of the National brigade of the judicial police.

According to AtlasInfo, the testimony of Youtubeuse Soukaina Glamour was decisive in the arrest of the two Batma sisters. The first complaint was filed by popular singer Saida Charaf last September.

"Hamzamonbb" has spread terror in the ranks of Moroccan celebrities

In total, dozens of complaints were registered against the instigators and administrators of " Hamzamonbb ". Both Instagram and Snapchat accounts have harassed Moroccan celebrities such as journalist Mariam Said in recent months.

After intimate photos ignited social media, she was fired after the scandal. Other people involved in the case have been detained in recent months, according to moroccan media.

A popular singer in the Arab world, especially in the Gulf countries, Dounia Batma is from Casablanca, where she grew up in a family of artists. She was a finalist in the "Arab Idol" crochet TV show in 2012, and is very active on social media, especially on Instagram where she has 5.4 million fans.
His latest clip "Nadmana", released two months ago, has nearly 10 million views on Youtube.

Marrakech Court Increases Bail for Dounia, Ibtissam Batma

A press release published online from the public prosecutor at the Marrakech Court of Appeal shows that the singer and her singer paid 500,000 each for their release on bail.

The Marrakech Court of Appeals criminal chamber chose Monday, January 6 to expand Moroccan vocalist Dounia Batma bail. 

Both Batma and her sister, Ibtissam whose bail was additionally raised, are blamed for association in the scandalous "Hamza mon bb" case. 

News reports said that the court chose to expand Dounia's bail from MAD 300,000 to MAD 500,000. The court additionally expanded Ibtissam's bail from MAD 100,000 to 300,000. 

The bail cost refered to today contrasts from the sum recorded in the court's December 30, 2019 articulation. 

The announcement affirming that the researching judge is handling the Batma sisters' case demonstrated that the two famous people paid MAD 500,000 to verify their discharge on bail. 

Both Dounia and her sister are presently some portion of the continuous examination to decide the degree of their supposed association in the Hamza mon bb case, a reference to a Snapchat and Instagram account used to share humiliating recordings and photographs of famous people for extortion. 

Police brought Dounia and her sister in December 2019 for articulation about their supposed contribution for the situation after YouTuber Soukaina Janah (Glamror) blamed them for being straightforwardly associated with the case. 

The two sisters are dealing with indictments of maligning, coercion, and sharing individuals' announcements and photographs without their assent. The sisters could confront a 5-year jail term each whenever sentenced. 

Moroccan police have seized the passport of singer Dounia Batma and prohibited her from leaving the territory as part of the ongoing investigation to identify the suspects behind the “Hamza mon bb” affair.Hamza mon bb, meaning “Hamza my baby” in English, is an infamous social media account active on Instagram and Snapchat. Since 2016, the account has been publishing videos of celebrities to tarnish their reputation and blackmail them.
The Batma sisters are not approved to leave the nation while the examination proceeds. Police have appropriated their travel papers. 

Last week, several news reports said that Moroccan authorities had prevented Dounia Batma from leaving the airport as she was trying to flee Morocco to Bahrain.

The singer’s husband, Mohammad Al Turk, however, denied the claims, stating that his wife accompanied him to the airport as he was traveling to Bahrain.

Moroccan authorities had prevented Dounia Batma from leaving the airport - photo...