- Since 1998 SFI Affiliates - Working from Home - No experience necessary; FREE training

Since 1998 SFI Affiliates - Working from Home - No experience necessary; FREE training

SFI is a free Enterprise - free to enter and free to exit. Since there is no entry qualification at point of entry, there has to be a parameter to determine those that are serious and those are not. Why do you think examinations are set in Schools. 
In sports, you have 100 meter sprint mark and so on. 
So, as it is not out of place to set a STANDARD in any Organisation or Field of Discipline to achieve a set Goal, SFI will not be an exception. 
I believe that setting 1500 VP as benchmark to qualify as an EA on monthly basis is in line with setting a Standard having provided many ways and method of achieving it. 
We should rather try to take advantage of the numerous opportunities made available and focus on achieving success than to query the rational for the standard or advocate for the standard to be lowered. 
As it is said "To whom much is given, much is expected". 

This post is dedicated to the new SFI Affiliates mainly!!
If you have just registered, you will have this page in front of you inviting you to start collecting VersaPoints as one of the ways to earn money here. It's for one more time to discover SFI; It's your free training ===)))Good LUCK


Clicking on each of those red boxes will give you the possibility to 
When you finish one task, you will be brought back to the next task, until you finish all 6 boxes. 
Your boxes will show they are COMPLETED 

And the button bellow will become BLUE, inviting you to continue doing tasks from your TO-DO list. 
There are many tasks to do on your TO-DO list... many chances to grab some free VPs. 
Please, do not try to do it all at once... our brain needs some time to elaborate the info we are trying to "put in".

And there are many info to "put in"... it will need a lot of reading and an open mind to "receive" those info. 
So, if you are not a good reader...or you don't have the will / time to LEARN, maybe, SFI is not for you. 
Do as many tasks from your TO-DO list as you are comfortable to do ...for the 
start. Try to read and get some general idea of the world you just stepped in. 
Don't worry, you can always come back and read it again, if you forget something. 
But, when you click on that BLUE button, you will finish in your 

your SFI online office. 
This is the HEADER of the page...that you will be able to see most of the time...until you leave the page. 

The icons on the top of the page are VERY important: 

1. The magnifying glass is the SFI SEARCH...just click on it and type your keyword or question... you will get a menu with a few options 

2. FAQs... frequently asked questions 
You can find answers to most of your questions here 

3. The ROCKET icon...is the link to our Launchpad lessons...our guide to learn all about SFI. 
There are 15 CORE lessons and a lot more related lessons...a total of 59 lessons, at the moment. 

Every lesson can make you earn 5 VPs...just click on the apposite button at the bottom of the page. 
But, remember...the knowledge you might get from every lesson could be much more worth than those 5 VPs...so, try to read them carefully...and don't cheat on yourself : 
you can say that you have READ the lesson only if you have  UNDERSTOOD it completely. 
Sometimes, it might need more than one "reading". 

4. The BUBBLE icon is for the live chat on the site with the members of our Team. 
When you see it in orange color and bouncing, that means you have a NEW message in your chat. 
Just click on it and the chat box will pop-up. 
Use it to communicate with your sponsor...co-sponsors...uplines...and your Team members, including your CSAs and POAs. 
The most important part of the page is our BLACK BAR...a real treasure box for any info you might need. 

It's VERY important that you click on all those buttons...to LEARN where you can find the info you need. 
Some info you might find in more than one places... 

But, please...take "a trip" and click on all those buttons... they are there to HELP you do your job...they are NOT a "decoration". 
The first icon is our HOME page...it will open our ALERTS page...where we get all the important info for our account. 

Those are our RED tabs ...our Daily tasks that we should do every day.

The SECOND icon is the HOT SPOTS section...with some VERY important places...like your GENEALOGY and VP LEDGER, for example...and so many other important info. 
Your Genealogy will be your most important tool to follow the work of your Team members and CSAs. 

It's VERY COMPLEX / RICH in filters and options to find/do what you want / need to do. 
Be prepared...you will need some TIME to learn all about your Genealogy...and how you can get most of it. 
Your VP Ledger is a kind of archive of ALL VPs you have earned till the date. 
There is an important feature that can help you follow your VPs day by day. It's called AUDIT. 
When you open your VP Ledger, click on the blue print number of your TOTAL VPs... it will open your AUDIT. 

In AUDIT you can check out if your VPs from ASTRO auctions have been added...or anything else regarding VPs. 
The next icon is INCOME 

The most important links there: our COMPENSATION PLAN, 
Please, click there and get a "good" reading...many times, if needed... but, the important thing is that you UNDERSTAND well what you have read. 
Those are basic things to understand HOW we earn money here. 
The next icon is MARKETING...that's why we are here...to advertise and generate sales...and that way earn commissions. 
In the MARKETING section, we will find many ways HOW and WHERE to advertise... 
and also many banners, memes and similar to use in our advertisings. 
Our GATEWAYS...referral links... are there, too... personalized and ready to be used in our advertising. 
The REFERENCE icon will give us MANY links that might be important for our work. 
It's not easy to choose just some of it...you should click on every link and just see what is it about. 
But, as a new member, you will be faced with many terms / words that you might not understand...and that's why we have the GLOSSARY...a kind of our "vocabulary" to explain the meanings of those terms. 
Another important tool to "go around" and search the site is the  SITEMAP. 

You can find just anything you need there. 
The TRAINING icon is about just that: make us learn HOW to do 
our job . 
And the TOOLS icon is an important part of that process 
Just hover your mouse over those links and you will get all options. 
An infinite "treasure" of info needed for our work. right? 
It's all THERE for us... waiting for us to read ... learn and apply it... 
get most of it in our everyday "job"...advertising. 
The LEADERS icon will give us the possibility to check out all the different types of Leaderboards . 

The SUPPORT icon will give us the info about our sponsor and co-sponsors, the LIVE CHAT possibility... the link to the TICKET FORM for the Support... and so many other things... 

The LIGHTING BOLT icon is for all the sites of the ZING NETWORK...an easy way to go to TripleClicks...to ASTRO...or Rewardical site...or ECommergy... Localvantia... 
The FLAG icon give us direct access to our Country/Regional Forum and Country Leaderboard and some other things related to our country. 

The last icon is for MY ACCOUNT...and if you just CLICK on that icon, you will get all the options there...and some are very important 
Please, be very careful about how you checkmark things here... 
Otherwise, all your Rewardicals might go to the automatic Auto build. 
At the bottom of this page you will find some important options: 
When you become a Team Leader, you need to checkmark the option to accept the Second Home CSAs, if you want them. 
The option for the VACATION MODE is there , too...if you want to save your Daily VP Streak. 
And, the OPT OUT link is there, too...if you want to leave SFI. 
In MY ACCOUNT we can change some of our info on our own...but, for some of them we will need the help of the Support. 
We can not change our country, for example...we need to send the ticket to the Support and explain the WHY we want to do that. 
Our profile photo can be changed from time to time...not too often...always with the help of the Support. 
In the FOOTER of the site we can see some important and useful things. 

SFI has affiliates from all over the world...many of them don't speak English ...so there is the TRANSLATE button to choose one of the many languages offered by the Google Translator. 
It might not be a good translation sometimes, but, it definitely can help. 
There are links to contact the Support (be aware that the Support works the usual working hours/days)...but, you can always try to get some help 
on our Forum 24/7 ( although we can not solve some problems...and need to wait for the Support to take care of some issues).