- After sparking criticism of sterilizing Corona patients ... Trump retreats: I was talking mockingly

After sparking criticism of sterilizing Corona patients ... Trump retreats: I was talking mockingly

 Trump raised a lot of confusion in the way to deal with and prevent the spread of Corona (Reuters)

US President Donald Trump retracted his statements about injecting sterilized antiseptics with coronaviruses as a potential treatment, saying that he was speaking with irony at the time, and Trump's response came after his statements caused widespread surprise and the experts were astonished.

Trump said during his daily press briefing on Thursday that scientists should explore whether shedding rays penetrate the bodies of people infected with the virus or injected with antiseptic material may help in the treatment of respiratory disease caused by the virus.

Trump tried on an occasion at the Oval Office in the White House on Friday to undo those comments while he appeared intent on continuing to advance his theory that antiseptics and sunlight might ultimately help patients after the virus enters their bodies.

'I was asking a satirical question for journalists like you to see what could happen,' he told reporters.

His Trump comments, apparently aimed at doctors, were not ironic. After coming under repeated pressure on this issue, Friday, Trump said he discouraged people from taking antiseptics.
'I think that using hand sanitizer can have a very good effect,' Trump said.

'The sun, heat, and humidity eliminate it. This (opinion) is from the tests. They have been doing these tests for months. Then I said well how do we do it inside the body or even outside the body with hands? And the purgatory I think will achieve success.'

Besides sterilizers, Trump also spoke of 'ultraviolet radiation' or 'very strong light' that could be directed to 'inside the body' to combat the emerging corona virus.

Nancy Pelosi condemns Trump's statements about sterilizing patients with corona (French)

Panic and fears
Trump's ideas that injecting antiseptics might treat new Corona patients, medical professionals, panicked, and raised new concerns that his testimonies could prompt anxious people to poison themselves with untreated treatments.

The president's opinions also caused severe embarrassment to Dr. Deborah Perks, a member of the Crisis Cell at the White House, about the virus and widespread condemnation by the scientific community. And the White House considered earlier that the president's statements were taken out of context.

Trump has also promoted the use of an anti-malarial drug known as hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of new corona patients, although its effectiveness has not been proven and there are concerns about heart problems.

On Friday, the FDA warned against using hydroxychloroquine in patients with novelty outside of hospitals and clinical trials, noting in its warnings of serious problems it could cause to the heart.

Although UV rays are known to be able to kill viruses suspended in air particles, doctors say there is no way to inject them into the human body to target HIV-infected cells.

The sterilizing manufacturer, 'Lesol' and 'Dettol', used by tens of millions of Americans, was forced to issue a statement 'because of heavy speculation and social media trading,' in which it warned people not to ingest or inject their products into their bodies.

For her part, Speaker of the Democratic House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi denounced the President of the United States 'asking people to inject themselves with a substance to beg in the lungs,' adding, 'This proves to what extent the Republicans reject the flag.'

Source: Al-Jazeera + agencies

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