- Coruna virus and the steal of your personal data.

Coruna virus and the steal of your personal data.

Security experts have discovered that pirates exploit the fear of people around the world from the Coruna virus to deceive them and steal their personal data.

Experts pointed out that, given the global panic over the Corona virus, many health organizations have provided maps with counters to monitor and monitor the spread of the virus, which hackers have found to inject malware into users ’computers and thus steal their personal information.

Reason Labs Chai El Fassi security researcher discovered that hackers use these maps to steal user information such as their names, passwords, credit card numbers and other information stored in the browser.

Attackers design Corona virus websites, and ask users to download the app to keep them informed of the situation.

This app does not require any installation, and shows you a map of how the virus has spread. However, it is an interface for attackers to create a malicious file and install it on your computer.

To illustrate this, these websites make up real maps to track the spread of the virus, but they have a different URL or different details from the original source.

Currently, malware affects only Windows systems, but Fassi expects attackers to work on a new version that may affect other systems as well.

Al-Fassi indicated that this method used AZORult malware, which was first discovered in 2016. It was designed to steal data from users ’computers and infect other malware as well.

The security expert indicated that Azurlit can steal information from your device including passwords and encrypted currencies, and it can also download additional malware to the compromised devices. 
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