- How many meters does the Corona virus arrive? What are the four stages of infection?

How many meters does the Corona virus arrive? What are the four stages of infection?


Corona virus emerging as "SARS Cove 2" (Getty / Deutsche Welle)
Does wearing gloves protect against corona? How to wash Corona's patient's clothes? Does the muzzle protect from corona? These are some of the questions we answer today in our fourth series of questions on the Corona virus.

The outbreak of the Corona virus began in Wuhan, China, last December at a food market that was selling wild animals illegally. To date, the number of infections worldwide has exceeded 1 million 780 thousand, and deaths 108 thousand.

Within our continuous coverage on Al-Jazeera Net of Corona virus, we published 3 detailed materials in which we collected some of the most prominent questions posed about the virus, namely:

1- What is the name of the scientific virus Corona?
The emerging corona virus was called SARS-CoV-2, to distinguish it from the SARS-CoV virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which spread in 2002-2003 and caused 774 deaths. Most of them are in Asia, and the new disease is called "Covid-19".

2- Does wearing gloves protect against corona?
German physician Mark Hanefield warns of what he calls a "dangerous illusion" that wearing medical gloves protects the evil of the SK virus, and his warning is based on three reasons:

First: Medical gloves are porous, and their goal is to protect medical personnel from relatively large impurities and contaminants. Experiments have shown that many types of medical gloves leak water and blood.

Second: Gloves spread germs more than human skin, and Hanefield relied on the words of a doctor specializing in sterilization and microorganisms, saying that some of them transport bacteria a thousand times more than human skin.

Third: Bacteria reproduce under gloves that provide a moist-warm environment for the reproduction process. Hence, the German doctor recommends sterilizing hands after removing gloves if some people insist on wearing them.

3- How long does Corona virus reach?
A study conducted at a field hospital in Wuhan, China, published by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed that the new Corona virus contaminates the surfaces and air in the vicinity of patients for a distance of up to four meters.

However, the study, published by the "Emerging Infection Disease" magazine of these centers, is limited, because it confirms that the examination used allows monitoring of the presence of the virus, and not the amount of viral charge that is sustainable.

In other words, the fact that the virus transmitted in the air through the patients ’sneezing or breathing is able to transmit a distance of up to four meters does not mean that these particles will be in sufficient quantities to infect others.

According to the study, the most polluted areas were those located near the patients in the intensive care department, while the most polluted parts were the computer mouse, followed by trash baskets, beds and door handles.

And the virus was detected in the air as well, and in most cases near the patient's bed more than near the workstations of doctors, according to the study itself, and a trace of the virus was also found in the ventilation opening from which the rooms air is released.

4- How to wash Corona's patient's clothes?
The German Washing Forum said that the clothes of a corona patient or the clothes of people with weakened immunity in general should be washed with a general detergent that contains bleaching materials, which is available in the form of powder, granules or tablets, as these forms have a greater washing strength than Liquid detergent. 

The forum added that a washing program that works with a temperature of not less than 60 degrees Celsius must also be chosen, stressing the need to take the necessary precautions to prevent infection when washing clothes, such as wearing gloves and a face mask taking into account the cleaning and sterilization of hands well after Finish washing the clothes.

5- Why is the death toll in Corona higher than that reported?
Data indicate that the number of corona deaths is higher than the numbers announced, and the head of the German state government Robert Koch Institute, Lauter Feller, attributed the reason to the fact that the virus quickly disappears from the body after death, making the diagnosis not possible.

For its part, the Washington Post wrote that some of those who have death in their homes or in the elderly shelter are not examined to show whether or not they have corona, and some workers in the file in the United States believe that examining the dead is a waste of resources, the living is more deserving of it.

6- Does corona hurt the heart?
The answer is yes, as the damage caused by the Corona virus does not stop at the lungs, but it exceeds them in some patients to the heart, and this was observed by medical personnel in intensive care rooms, but the exact reasons are still not clear.

A recent study conducted on 416 people with coronavirus in its first focus (Wuhan, China) revealed that those with heart problems are more likely to die than those without heart muscle problems.

The study conducted in Wuhan concluded that those with coronavirus who have previous heart conditions, or even those with heart conditions, may have problems with the heart muscle.

7- What are the four phases (stages) of Covid-19 disease, caused by the Coronavirus?

The first stage: transmission of the virus with infection The
most important methods of transmission of infection are mucus drops, saliva and even tears of the eye scattered from the person, as it is the free "taxi" that carries the virus, thousands of which are scattered in the air in any area through which the person passes, and if this viral invasion coincides with success, he will meet a person Another creeps into his body through the mouth, nose, or eyes, or through them all.

The second stage: the onset of the disease.
Invasions of invasive viruses are launched in their search for new cells that lead to alert the immune system to the imminent danger, so it begins to move its defenses, and for the patient, he begins to feel that something abnormal is in his body. The body.

And some people never feel the activity of their immune system against the virus, this is because they do not show any of the symptoms of resistance (symptoms of resistance are fever, coughing, nasal and oral leakage and teardrop from the eyes), and here experts still ask whether their bodies actually resist the disease silently .

The third stage: the decision stage The
days after the start of the disease are viruses that circulate through the body, and if the immune system is activated enough to restrain it, it will limit the spread of the virus, and the body remains in this stage and does not exceed it to the fourth stage, and here the patient feels some relief and begins to pass In the recovery phase, the majority of patients in this phase recover in their homes outside the hospitals, and so far 80% of the injuries recovered in this phase, but this evaluation and the percentage are issued by China, in Germany, the percentage of the injured who had to be treated in hospitals is about 14% of the total injured.

In this phase, there is the possibility of the infection passing to the "severe injury" stage, in which case the infection with "Covid-19" may end in the death of the injured 18 days after his injury.

The fourth stage: healing The
body passes through the healing stages. According to reports from China, the body takes one to two weeks to recover, and if the infection is severe, the recovery stage may extend from 3 to 6 weeks. If the immune system has completed its work, it leaves antibiotics in the cells as a witness. On infection, if the new Corona virus tries to penetrate cells again, it will immediately begin to diagnose the risk, and begin protecting cells for a specific stage to prevent new attacks from this virus.

8- Does the muzzle protect from corona?
The World Health Organization did not recommend wearing masks to prevent corona, and said it was not advisable for healthy people to wear a muzzle, but later returned to confirm that countries where it is difficult to wash hands and physical spacing can use masks in gatherings.

In a precautionary measure, the United States recommended that a mask be used to avoid people who carry the virus without showing symptoms of the disease to other people during their speech or breathing.

9- Can the Corona virus be hidden in our bodies?
Answer: There is a high possibility for this, as new tests showed new infections with the Corona virus among people who had previously recovered from the disease, and the German newspaper Bild reported that 51 patients from Daegu in South Korea were infected with the Corona virus again after they recovered from it during quarantine, which is what It may be denied that there is talk that corona recoverers are receiving immunity against it.

Epidemiologists at the Center for Preventive Disease Control in Daegu believe that patients did not catch the virus again, but rather remained at undetectable levels in the cells of patients, and then reactivated itself.

10- How many percentage of corona infections were discovered in the world?
According to a study by German researchers, only 6% of the total cases of corona were discovered in the world. For example, the number of officially infected people in America is about half a million cases, but according to the study calculations, the number is ten million.

In a study conducted by scientists at the German University of Göttingen, the number of actual infections with the emerging coronavirus is much higher than the official announced figures. According to the results of the study, 6% of the actual number of injuries was recognized in the world.

11- Does Corona harm the nervous system?
Yes, as a study conducted by Chinese scientists revealed that the symptoms of infection with the Corona virus are not limited to fever and coughing, but may extend to neurological symptoms.

Chinese scientists, who studied patients in Wuhan, said in the journal "Gamma Neurology" that about a third of the patients - who underwent examination, and reached a total of 214 patients - showed symptoms indicating that the virus caused damage to the nervous system, the most common of which was feeling dizzy, headache, and disorders In my sense of smell and taste.

12- Why are African Americans more likely to die in Corona?
According to experts, preliminary data from American states shows that African Americans are more likely to die from Covid-19 disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, which may be partly due to disparities in health status and unequal access to medical care.

The World Health Organization said people with chronic diseases - such as asthma, other chronic lung disorders, diabetes and heart disease - appeared to be more seriously ill than others.

That makes the virus especially dangerous for African Americans who suffer most from these diseases due to environmental and economic factors, according to Samar Johnson McGee, Dean of the College of Health Sciences at New Haven University.

13- Will street spraying with antiseptics help in tackling Corona virus?
Spreading sterilization campaigns with disinfectants that started from China first, videos and photos show cars spraying water and chlorine, and masked men spraying disinfectants from their cannons everywhere, and disinfectants fall on pedestrians and goods offered for sale, including fruits and vegetables, according to the site Deutsche Welle.

For example, the material used for spraying in South Korean cities is a mixture of sodium hydrochloride mixture diluted with water, or daily household sterilizers mixed with water.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas quoted a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, as saying, "It has not been proven that we have not recommended sterilizing streets and facilities against the emerging corona virus in the country, and what sterilizations you see in some countries may be for other microbes.""According to Deutsche Welle.

And Joan Leon, an environmental health specialist from Emory University, according to the American science website, said, "There is no scientific evidence to prove that sterilizers dispersed in the air kill corona viruses flying in the air, especially as the sterilizers themselves fly off and their ability to fade due to ultraviolet rays if they spread. , But the sun's rays themselves destroy the Corona virus . "

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