- Something is happening in our mind, Corona inspired ..

Something is happening in our mind, Corona inspired ..


Our actions and actions are very complex programs. The evidence for this is that the person with Alzheimer's disease loses programs such as sitting, eating, and others in advanced stages of the disease. Moreover, the kinetic programs need maturity since adolescence, and they are subjected to relapse and stumbling, such as walking among boys, who does not straighten until after an anchor in which the body and mind exchange and give and take, so that the continuous adjustment is made to reach the stage of stability. The wider and complex the ocean, the wider the possibility of maturing the motor programs. It is possible to think of spaces such as those required by the act of driving: major streets, forbidden streets, traffic signs, a huge amount of transportation, and footmen ... Within this huge amount, the driving program matures in mental-motor controversy subject to stumbling and relapse, and attempts to evaluate and correct until Stabilizes.

What happens in Corona's time is that our kinematic fields are narrowing, and their maturation spaces are limited. The place was confined to a room, apartment or house. Spaces furnished by a kitchen, a guest salon, a bedroom, and a seating area at best. This space constriction results in a motor constriction, and consequently, the confinement of our motor programs, the thing that drives our minds to revision, and a review in a way that we are hardly aware of, but there is no doubt about that. It should be noted that this review is not without its trouble. Imagine that you built a model and spent a lot of trouble on it. Wouldn't you be sad if you destroyed it once it settled, but if someone else destroyed you while you were so innocent? Our minds build diagrams and epistemic frameworks that coincide with dynamic programs in which we run our lives, and one day we find them destroyed, and we find ourselves - our minds need to be rebuilt.

In the context of rebuilding processes in tight spaces, the shaving program was marketed. Many of us have had to shave individually, drawing on some advice in internet videos, or by helping a loved one, and by being mature and bogged down. It is also possible to talk about the cooking program for some men and even women who found themselves hesitant to this space, so they decided to measure its length, width, height and machinery, and some of them realized the poverty of his kitchen, so he resorted to electronic commerce to provide a remote, activating electronic delivery and payment or the moment of receipt. I can also talk about the growing virtual platforms. Outside of ignorance, distance learning programs and lectures such as the applications of Zoom, Mitt and Klasrum came out into the open, and the YouTube also had more channels, as if the human being, the social being, rose up against the confinement by resorting to virtual places.

At the time of Corona, a special language came out into the open. It is transmitted, and in fact it is transferred, so we knowedly expressed the unknown, as a metaphor and act. We also considered him an enemy who should be fought by taking measures against him, trench syndrome, and putting everything in order to prevent his aggression. As for the stone, we considered it a physical thing or a place to enter and leave it. Bernard Bivot, owner of the famous Apostrophes program, went a further fad when he considered, in one of the TV interviews, the virus an evil that loves the elderly, an ecological creature that restored the globe to its balance, a pious creature that prevented kisses and hugs, and a hated wild capitalism that limited the activities of factories, aviation and commercial transactions, and hit globalization In the killing.

Thus, the physical oceans disappeared to be replaced by a hypothetical one, and traditional kinetic programs such as driving and athletes ran, to be replaced by modern ones such as electronic ordering of goods, electronic performance, the growth of virtual platforms, men's access to kitchens, the need for women to have more breadth and shaving heads in homes. All this change will not pass without the creation of mental aspirations, and without pushing the mind to review, assimilate and rebuild. Something really happens in our minds. In the context of this kinetic mental conversation, it is necessary to think that children in the greatest need of the wider oceans to ripen their kinematic programs are the ones who are compelled to be deprived of school space, garden, morning cinema, neighborhood and family.

And when the stone lifting will start gradually, our mind will be tormented again, and our motor programs will need a review of maturity under conditions of concern for distance, and our minds will be in the process of building new plans and frameworks and if we call them back to ancient time. We need to raise the stone to the political, economic, media and security personnel, but we also need the expertise of an expert. Will we be up to the challenge....

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