- "American Spring" protests spread across all USA cities and echoes in Europe

"American Spring" protests spread across all USA cities and echoes in Europe

The security tool failed to contain the ongoing demonstrations in the United States in protest of the killing of the black American citizen George Floyd in a highly racist scene. Protests and anger have spread to at more cities - according to the New York Times - and are threatening to spread further.

The protesters ignored the security tool as well as the fears of the spread of the Corona pandemic, and continued to demonstrate and a number of them gathered in front of the doors of the White House in Washington, DC, to communicate their voices to their residents closely.

In the face of violent events that marred the demonstrations, such as the burning of police cars and the looting of shops, mayors in dozens of American cities announced a curfew and the deployment of more National Guard forces, along with the mobilization of more police forces that did not hesitate to intensify rubber bullets and gas canisters Pepper protesters, and I arrested many of them in procedures that bring to mind part of the "Arab Spring" scenes about nine years ago.

On the horizon, there was no indication yet that the protest demonstrations, which spread hourly after hour, were contained, and that their reverberations spread in some European countries that witnessed demonstrations of solidarity with the protesters in the United States.

The number of protesters is increasing hour by hour (French press)
Demonstrators holding a picture of a victim of police racist practices (French press)
They take the position in which he breathed under the feet of the police (French press)
"I cannot breathe." The victim's latest words have become a slogan of the demonstrators (French press).
And others raise a slogan saying: "There is no security without justice" (French press)
In Denver, Colorado State, they demand an end to police violence (French press)
Protesters climb a net at a baseball field in California to hear a protest speech by there (French press)
Police forces intensify their deployment in Minneapolis, Minnesota (French press)
Gas bombs were intensified against the demonstrators (French press)
Detroit, Michigan state police have arrested dozens of protesters (French press)
Protesters ignite "history" during a demonstration in Debenfer (French press)
Protesters attack a police car in Los Angeles (French press)
Firefighters try to put out fires set by protesters in a New York police car (French press)
Military National Guard forces flock to Minneapolis, the main bastion of demonstrations (French press)
It is located in the city's strategic sites (French press).
Protesters waving National Guard forces summoned by the governor of Minnesota to take control of the situation (French press)
Solidarity demonstrations in London to support the demands of protesters in America (French press)
One of the participants in the solidarity demonstrations in the German capital Berlin (French press)

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