- Trump agitating military forces.. Curfew in 40 cities and states of emergency in 3 states

Trump agitating military forces.. Curfew in 40 cities and states of emergency in 3 states

Target, CVS, Walmart temporarily shut some stores amid protests ...

The number of dead has risen to six during demonstrations in several American cities to protest the killing of an African-American citizen by a policeman. A curfew has been imposed in 40 cities and a state of emergency has been declared in 3 states.

Police chief Steve Conrad of Louisville, Kentucky, said Monday morning that the sixth man's death came when police and National Guard units went to the Dino Food Market to evacuate a large crowd at the parking lot, and an exchange of fire took place.

He was also detained about 4 thousand and 400 in the protests that most American cities have witnessed for more than 6 days, following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police, according to the New York Times news site.

Last Monday, the Minneapolis police arrested Floyd on suspicion of fraud, and during his arrest a policeman put his knee on his neck while he was in detention.

Subsequently, Floyd appealed to the policeman to remove his knee from his neck, but his appeals were not answered. After the ambulance team arrived, Floyd was taken to hospital, and he died soon.

Rioting, looting linked to George Floyd protests leaves trail of ...

For his part, President Donald Trump called on state governors and mayors to deal more decisively in the face of protests, and waved the use of unlimited military force and arrests to adjust the situation if necessary.

The president described some of the demonstrators as saboteurs who supported his opponent, Joe Biden, in the upcoming presidential elections. He said that if he lost the elections, these "saboteurs" would have the upper hand, in a clear use of events in the presidential elections.

 Yesterday, a tanker truck attempted to force its way between a procession of thousands of demonstrators at the Central Minneapolis Bridge in Minnesota, which required a large number of police officers to intervene.
The local police said - in a statement - that there were likely no injuries reported among the demonstrators, describing what happened as a "very disturbing" incident.

The truck driver was wounded, but his life was not in danger, he was taken to a hospital, and then arrested.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walls told a press conference that the driver would face criminal prosecution, adding, "Until this hour, we do not know his motives," given that the situation could have been dramatic.

He added that the truck "appeared to contain a flammable or toxic substance (...)", describing the absence of a tragedy or a death toll as "unbelievable."

Dozens of police cars arrived quickly and removed the protesters from the bridge. But hundreds of them remained around. When the eighth curfew took effect, police officers threw sound bombs in an attempt to disperse them.

 In Canada, thousands of Montreal residents took to the streets demanding law enforcement in Floyd’s death case.

The protesters gathered in front of the city's police headquarters and in the middle of it to denounce what they described as racial injustice and police brutality in the United States and Montreal. There were clashes between the security men and some protesters, as projectiles were thrown at the security forces, who responded with pepper spray and tear gas.

In New Zealand, demonstrations were held in solidarity with the protests in the United States, following the killing of Floyd.

The demonstrators set out from the parliament building to gather in front of the American embassy in the capital, Wellington.

Stores, Restaurants Close Due to Protests

The demonstrators held placards in solidarity with the rights of black citizens in the United States and others denouncing what they considered discrimination against them. In Auckland, in the north of the country, protesters gathered in the city center before marching toward the American Consulate General.

In Belgium, dozens of anti-racist activists organized a silent protest in the center of the capital, Brussels, to condemn what they described as police attacks on African Americans in the United States.

These activists gathered in a city square, although the police did not authorize a march called for by a local movement. Organizers said that they decided to cancel the march because they did not obtain permission from the police, and after they were exposed to a wave of criticism on the communication sites for calling them to organize the protest march, despite the current ban on gatherings due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.
Source : Al-Jazeera + agencies

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