- India - Coronavirus: The wave continues, Daily injuries is the highest in the world

India - Coronavirus: The wave continues, Daily injuries is the highest in the world

A Reuters statistic based on the officially announced figures showed that India today recorded the highest number of new infections for the 18th day in a row, far ahead of the United States and Brazil.

In India, over three million people have now become infected with COVID-19. Those numbers rose by a million in just two weeks. With the coronavirus situation getting worse, social and economic pressures are growing too, triggering a reverse migration. Many skilled workers across the country have also had to leave cities, to return to their hometowns. DW correspondent Nimisha Jaiswal in Delhi explains why.
The number of injuries since the first case was recorded in India at the end of January to last July reached about 1.6 million cases, during which time the government imposed strict isolation.
But the number of injured has increased by 1.5 million others since the beginning of this August, bringing the total to about 3.1 million, and India comes third in the world in terms of injuries, after Brazil and the United States.
According to the Federal Ministry of Health in India, the rate of new infections is increasing rapidly, and it has increased by 60,975 during the past 24 hours

The wave continues in India
More than 60,000 new cases of Coronavirus for the seventh day, as the epidemic moves from large cities to small cities.
The Ministry of Health data showed that the country recorded 60,975 injuries during the past 24 hours, bringing the total confirmed cases to 3.17 million. The number of deaths increased on the same day by 848, bringing the total number to 58,390 deaths.