- Corona .. a new strain of the virus is causing terror in Britain

Corona .. a new strain of the virus is causing terror in Britain


In London, the British government held an emergency meeting to decide on how to face the repercussions of the emergence of a new, faster-spreading strain of Corona virus in southeast England.

Media sources said, "The government is considering preventing entry or exit from areas where the new surge of the virus has appeared, by stopping transportation networks."

The meeting, which is the second of its kind to discuss this issue, comes after scientific advisers to the government confirmed that the new strain of the virus is spreading at a rate 50% faster than the original strain, and it is believed that this strain is spreading in London, Essex and Kent.

This, and it has not been proven in Britain that the new mutation of the virus is more deadly or more deadly, but what has been confirmed is that it is spreading faster.

In turn, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new level of restrictions in London and the cities of southeast England, similar to the restrictions of the general lockdown that the country witnessed last November, and announced the re-imposition of home quarantine, starting tomorrow, Sunday.

Johnson added, after an emergency meeting of his government, that there is no evidence that the new strain causes more severe disease and higher death rates, but it is spreading seventy percent faster.

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Health announced the registration of five hundred thirty-four new deaths from the virus, in addition to more than twenty-seven thousand new infections during the past twenty-four hours.

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