- USA - Nashville... A car explosion, and police confirm that it was an intentional act

USA - Nashville... A car explosion, and police confirm that it was an intentional act


Police confirmed that the car explosion, which occurred today, Friday, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA (southeast of the United States), which resulted in injuries and material damage, was deliberate, while there were reports of other suspicious cars in the city.

Police said that what happened was a surprise, and it was believed that the explosion was caused by a bomb.
Added that she received a call about a suspicious car, noting that while some of them were heading to the scene, the explosion occurred.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is participating in investigations into the explosion, which caused damage to several buildings, and the burning of at least 4 sparks.
For his part, the mayor of Nashville called on residents not to go to the city center, apparently in anticipation of other explosions.
Commenting on the nature of the attack, a former deputy director of the FBI said it was clear that the explosion was caused by a large bomb.
The blast in Nashville comes amid political tensions in the United States, as outgoing President Donald Trump continues to claim that the last presidential election was rigged in favor of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.
It also comes in light of fears that extremist right-wing groups supporting Trump will resort to violence.

Suspicious cars:
According to the Al-Jazeera correspondent, initial reports spoke of the presence of other suspicious cars in the area of ​​the explosion, which resulted, according to a preliminary outcome, in the injury of 3 people who were taken to the hospital.
The reporter said that the authorities evacuated the local area at the site of the explosion, and asked the residents to evacuate their homes.
And US media reported that a car exploded in the city center, causing material damage.
The same sources said that the police evacuated the area and cordoned off the site of the explosion, while videos broadcast by activists on Facebook and Twitter showed smoke and flame rising from the area

Loud explosion
And eyewitnesses who were close to the place said that buildings in and outside the vicinity shook after hearing a strong explosion early on Christmas morning.
Earlier in the day, local television station "WKRN" quoted officials as saying that the explosion did not look suspicious, according to what was reported by the Associated Press.
The same station also quoted the Nashville Office of Emergency Management as saying that a parked recreational vehicle exploded and damaged several buildings.
According to American news reports, emergency crews have traveled to the site of the explosion.
According to the local ambulance authority, there were no serious cases among those injured in the attack.

Source : Associated Press + Al Jazeera + Sanad Servic

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