- A new record ... Bitcoin virtual currency exceeds $ 33,000 - Yobit NET

A new record ... Bitcoin virtual currency exceeds $ 33,000 - Yobit NET

The most popular virtual currency, Bitcoin, broke the barrier of $ 30,000 during trading on Saturday, for the first time since its launch in 2009 and its circulation on global trading displays in 2010.
The price of a Bitcoin unit on the Binance platform was $ 30,671,000, up from the lowest price in the past 24 hours of $ 28,686,000.

The number of traded units of the most popular virtual currency in the global market until now is 18.588 million units, out of 21 million, the total number of units available for sale and circulation.
The market value of units traded to date has reached more than $ 563 billion, according to the unit trading display screen on digital selling platforms.

"Bitcoin" had recorded its highest historical level with a market value of 19.7 thousand dollars per unit at the end of 2017, after which it began a sharp downward journey and reached 3500 dollars last March with the beginning of the emerging "Corona" virus crisis.

The return on investment in "Bitcoin" increased 3 million percent in 11 years, as its price became 30 thousand dollars, after its first official price was 0.001 dollars in 2009, and this means that after the dollar was equivalent to a thousand "Bitcoin", it became Currently one "Bitcoin" is equivalent to 30 thousand dollars.

Scott Minerd, chief investment officer at Guggenheim, said in an interview with Bloomberg, “The scarcity of Bitcoin combined with the large print of money by the Federal Reserve means that the digital currency should eventually rise to about 400,000. Dollars ”.

Investors have become interested in cryptocurrencies, especially "Bitcoin", and allocate part of their investment portfolios to them, which is likely that the emerging market will dominate the currency, and the growing belief that Bitcoin will act as an effective hedge against the potential rise in inflation supports its price, especially as governments in Countries in the world increase spending rates by trillions of dollars within weeks to fund their stimulus programs aimed at mitigating the economic damage caused by the Corona pandemic.

Virtual cryptocurrencies do not have a serial number and are not subject to the control of governments and central banks, just like traditional currencies, but are dealt only via the Internet, without a physical presence of them.

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