- The Best Crypto Debit Card - BlockCard - Ternio’s BlockCard Teams With P2P Bitcoin Marketplace Paxful For Crypto Debit Card

The Best Crypto Debit Card - BlockCard - Ternio’s BlockCard Teams With P2P Bitcoin Marketplace Paxful For Crypto Debit Card

Crypto debit cards are a great way to get instant purchasing power from your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or other cryptocurrency. They act as the efficient bridge between the crypto world and existing financial systems because they are accepted almost everywhere traditional credit cards are accepted. However, all crypto debit cards are not created equal.

The Best Crypto Debit Card – BlockCard
The BlockCard by Ternio has gained popularity amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to its ease of use, unmatched features, and accessibility to the US market. It’s now the only card many traders, miners, and long term holders use for everyday purchases.

If you have been listening to the new Bitcoin.com Podcast with Dustin Plantholt, then probably know about BlockCard from their audio ads. As a partner, we have negotiated a special offer exclusively for our users.

Learn more about BlockCard below
BlockCard has quickly positioned itself in the crypto market as more than just a debit card, but rather a swiss army knife encompassing a suite of features, enabling consumers to easily move from cash to crypto or crypto to cash.

Here are just some of the great features:
Users get two cards (plastic and virtual) with two unique card numbers
13 cryptocurrencies are supported – including BCH and BTC
Optional FDIC insured bank account. Deposit USD and move into or out of crypto.
Apple + Samsung + Google Pay supported for watch or phone
Deposit crypto on the card or take your card to Walmart or 7-11 and add cash directly at the register
Unlimited 6.38% Crypto Back Rewards on all purchases
Getting A BlockCard Is Seamless

 You can also sync your virtual or physical card with Apple, Google, or Samsung pay. This feature is not available currently with other crypto debit cards.
Using BlockCard is a rewarding experience, literally. By participating in the TERN staking program you can earn up to 6.38% crypto back on all of your merchant purchases. That includes gas, groceries, phone bills, streaming subscriptions, travel, and more. There is no cap on the amount of earnings you can receive and is the most generous crypto back rewards program available today.
BlockCard is US First and Growing Globally

Bitcoin.com readers are entitled to an exclusive offer due to our relationship with Ternio. For a limited time, you can get $10 added to your first $100 deposit. BlockCard is a great product from its ease of use to it’s crypto back rewards. Try it now.

Blockcard Fees
Blockcard’s fees are very competitive. There are of course fees involved in using it, but these are not deterrent to using it at all.
The monthly fee depends on whether you spend more than USD 750 a month or not. If you do, there's no monthly fee at all. If you don't, the monthly fee is USD 5.00.

There is an issuance fee set to USD 10.00. This is slightly below the global industry average crypto debit card issuance fee which is arguably around USD 15.00.

ATM-usage results in a fixed fee of USD 3.00 on the withdrawn amount, provided that you make your withdrawal in the US. If you withdraw outside the US, the ATM-usage is a fixed fee of USD 3.50. Maximum withdrawal is USD 500 per day. Fixed fees like this may become disadvantageous in countries where the normal ATM-machines only allow smaller amounts of withdrawals (USD 20 for instance). In such scenarios, in order to withdraw a larger amount you need to withdraw several times, thus triggering the fixed fee each time. You can usually avoid this by just going to a local bank at the relevant place. Local banks normally permit higher withdrawals.

Furthermore, the most important fee of them all, is the commission on spending. Blockcard doesn't have a spending commission at all. This is a very competitive feature for this card which is actually quite unusual.

There is no maximum or minimum deposit, as far as we understand it. There is however a maximum spending level. Maximum spending is USD 10,000 per day. We would assume that most card holders will be on the right side of this daily spending limit with a great margin...

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