- Land Rover launches premium versions of its most luxurious cars

Land Rover launches premium versions of its most luxurious cars

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Land Rover has announced its intention to launch modified versions of the famous Evoque, which it will dedicate to some global markets.
According to the available information, the new versions, which will bear the name Evoque L, will be slightly longer than the new Land Rover Discovery Sport cars, and they will get a 4 meter long (53 centimeters) chassis, with a distance between the wheel axles of 284 centimeters.

These cars will be offered with turbocharged gasoline engines that generate a torque equivalent to 249 horsepower, and these engines will work with nine-speed automatic gearboxes, and two front and four-wheel drive systems.
These cars will get some external modifications compared to the current Evoque, as they will be equipped with more prominent air vents painted with chrome elements, and some cosmetic touches will be added to the shock absorbers, while the cabin of these vehicles from the inside will be equipped with a distinctive steering interface and steering wheel decorated with luxurious white leather, and the driving interface will be central Advanced touch screen.
The Evoque L will be equipped with comfortable leather seats with massage systems to ensure great comfort for its occupants while on the move, as well as safety airbags to protect all occupants, systems to prevent accidents in emergency cases, light and rain sensors, distance sensors and cameras that monitor the entire perimeter of the vehicle.

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