- The United States introduces a helmet for "reading thoughts" (video)

The United States introduces a helmet for "reading thoughts" (video)

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Kernel is preparing to display a helmet to analyze neuron activity. This futuristic helmet will help study brain aging processes, various mental disorders, and understand the functioning of the nervous system. 
Brian Johnson, the company's president, indicates in an interview with Bloomberg Agency, that in the coming weeks, dozens of brain research institutes in the United States of America will receive such a helmet, and it will be in two models, Flow and Flux, each priced at about 50 thousand dollars, and each helmet weighs a few kilograms, and contains many sensors and electronic devices, which analyze the electrical impulses of the brain. 
It took more than five years to design and produce the helmet and an investment of about $110 million. The Flow version monitors the process of saturation of the brain with oxygen, by sending laser pulses and measuring the light reflected from the tissues. 
As for Flux, it monitors electromagnetic fields, which appear as a result of specific brain activity. 
According to the company's clarification, these "neural helmets" will be used to monitor the brain of people who have had a stroke, or suffer from Parkinson's disease, for example. It will also be used to study the processes going on in the brain as a person learns to walk and speak again. 

It is reported that the technology to read the activity of the cerebral cortex has been around for years. But the equipment and devices needed for this take up an entire room and can cost millions of dollars. According to Johnson, their startup wants to democratize technology by making the helmet as easy to use and affordable as a smartphone. He hopes that kernels will become a regular thing in every American home by 2030. 
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