- The Turkish government seeks to enter the "Guinness" with a "cup of tea"

The Turkish government seeks to enter the "Guinness" with a "cup of tea"


A Turkish newspaper reported that the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan submitted an application to the "Guinness Book of Records", in order to register the largest cup of tea in the world

The Turkish "Zaman" said that the construction of the "giant tea cup", which the ruling Justice and Development Party is proud of, is among the most massive sculptures, and was placed in the province of Rize, Erdogan's hometown in northern Turkey.

The head of the Rize Trade Exchange, Mehmet Erdogan, said that "registering the cup in the encyclopedia will be their pride, and pointed out that tea is the symbol of the city of Rize."

The building consists of 7 floors and a height of 30 meters.

The project includes a market that will be established on an area of ​​9,500 square meters, which includes tea caf├ęs, sales departments, as well as places for selling Reesa cloth, copper processing, local dishes, stone factories and arched bridges.

According to the newspaper, Erdogan was subjected to a wave of criticism, "because of his insistence on the habit of distributing tea to citizens even when he is in disaster areas."

Source: Turkish newspaper "Zaman"

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