- Who Needs Encouragement?

Who Needs Encouragement?


Everyone has times when they could use some extra encouragement or motivation. That means that anyone can benefit from your encouragement.

Look for someone you know who has been let down or who is going through a difficult time. Taking an interest in anything may be highly motivating. It makes no difference if you can improve or correct the situation. Your words of encouragement will offer that person hope in knowing that someone cares.

Look for someone who has influenced you positively. This person may be someone you admire. I don't think there's a greater way to be inspired than hearing from someone who says you were a huge help in some way. Your words of support will motivate others.
Look for someone who is putting out a strong effort or performing admirably.

It does not have to be anything from which you profit.
All you have to do is notice it and express an interest in it.
Your words of support will reinforce that person's actions and may inspire him or her to do even more in the future.

Make a conscious effort to encourage at least one person today.
Encourage the person in your chats, write him or her a note of encouragement, or provide a hand in some way.

Through your generous gesture, you will find yourself being encouraged at the same moment.

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