- The Power of Focus - The small change that creates massive results in your life

The Power of Focus - The small change that creates massive results in your life


"It's never too late to become the person you were meant to be."
I believe we all encounter critical junctures in our life.
We all reach a point in our life where we are no longer willing to accept a certain level of "suffering."
Every individual has a distinct threshold.
I also feel that if you are unhappy with something in your life, it is a call to action; a yearning to experience more of life from deep within the "true" you.

For many people, this might be extremely difficult since they want to improve their life but lack an effective method.

Then they do the "logical" thing and focus on the effects rather than the cause.
If you feel like you're spinning your wheels, here's a simple mental process that will wake you up.

I must improve myself in order for my life to improve.
I must change in order for things to change.
I am who I am.
This is my life, and I am the mastermind behind it.

By simply altering myself, I can change anything in my life.
This places me in control of my life and makes me responsible for it.
It takes away my dread and anxiety because I know that no matter what life throws at me, I can always make it to the finish line.

I'm no longer looking for people, events, or circumstances to blame.
All I have to do now is peek inside.
You cannot control the conditions and occurrences of your life, no matter how powerful you are.
There are just three things over which you have complete control, and they are the only things you require.
It encompasses one's entire life experience.
My actions, words, and ideas are all under my conscious control at all times.
They are my ideas, acts, and words, and they are what shape my world every minute of every day.

This is a tremendously liberating experience.
I only need to look inwardly and work on myself whenever I want to have more, experience more, or alter anything.
The toughest job you will ever do, according to Jim Rohn, is the work you do on yourself.
You can try to influence and change situations by running around and working extremely hard, but this will simply exhaust you and discourage you from trying again.
It's a lot easier to change who you are and how you see yourself and your life.
Nothing has any significance unless you give it one.

External events that change over time have very little impact on your life.
Small changes in your perceptions and psychology may appear inconsequential at first, but because the change is internal, it has an impact on all of your thoughts, acts, and words.
This seemingly minor alteration, over time, alters your life's entire trajectory and final destination.
If the captain of a ship alters course by just one degree, the ship's final destination could be on an another continent entirely.
Over a short period of time, a tiny change in course, such as the captain changing his course by one degree, may go unnoticed, but over longer distances, the small shift becomes quite significant.

Most people try to change the big things in their lives; they constantly try to change anything and everything, but they fail to maintain the change.
Instead, you can achieve phenomenal results by making small consistent changes in yourself, in your own character.
You are the beginning and the conclusion of all change.
If you're going to put in the effort to better your life, then put forth the effort to change yourself.
Invest your time and energy in improving "you," and let go of the irrational need to exert control over events and circumstances.
You and who you are shape your entire vision and experience of life.
Change yourself, develop your character, and watch as the environment around you improves and changes.

The Real Cost of Success
The boy was feeling nauseous as he stood in the gale-force gusts.
We could all see how the storm was intensifying.

The rain had already glued his hair to his brow, and his new black suit was clinging to him in ways that Mr. Armani had never meant.

A typhoon was on its way — the seventh to hit Japan this summer — and the kid's task as the newest employee was to stand in front of a TV camera as the weather buffeted him about for all of Japan to see.

Every day, I walk along that length of beach to get my exercise, and today, one of the most ferocious typhoons on record will be bearing down on us.
I knew I couldn't remain for too long or I'd get trapped in the wind and the rain.
This day, I'd take a very short walk.

The television team, on the other hand, had a different task.
They, along with many other personnel, are despatched in satellite-equipped trucks to a variety of well-known locations throughout Japan.
These teams provide real-time updates on the storms' progress as they rip through the Japanese archipelago.

And today's sacrificial lamb was the child in the black suit.
Once the storm had reached its apex, it was his job to get out there.

And today's sacrificial lamb was the child in the black suit.
It was his job to get out there and give a show and tell after the storm had reached its peak.
That's what the viewers at home want to see, and sponsors are willing to pay a premium to get exactly what they want.

If you've ever seen a lot of news, you'll know that the more devastation there is, the higher the audience ratings.
That's how it works: the more destruction, the greater the attraction.

Indeed, you may recall that Dan Rather earned his big break in national news by doing exactly what this child was doing – standing steadfastly in the middle of a violent cyclone and providing live updates to viewers at home.

programming for the networks.
But, before we go off on a "Isn't-Awful" tangent, let me just add that the situation I just described contains one of the most valuable lessons you'll ever learn.

Typhoons and storms do massive damage.
Your humanitarian heart bleeds for individuals affected by disasters and longs to reach out with comfort and assistance.

And I respect that desire to console and assist individuals who have been dealt a bad hand by life.
The emotions are normal and appropriate.

But, no matter how earnest, I believe that sympathy alone is a one-dimensional (and even impoverished) manner of responding to the world.

Sympathy might be a good thing, but it's often just a phony attempt at caring.
It's virtually useless for anything other than show if it doesn't lead to action.

It is feasible, though, to add a second layer of responses, one that entails getting out and interacting with the world with which you are so empathetic.

Furthermore, because you're looking for a way to make money, allow me to say this.
You've just discovered it.

It's known as action.
Appropriate action in reaction to the issues and tragedies you witness can make you not just a better person, but also a very wealthy one.
It may enable you to assist others in need considerably more effectively than you could with a hurting heart.

If that's the case, that's great.
However, there are only three reasons why you may not be appropriately compensated for your work.

1. You aren't disclosing enough information about yourself.
2. You don't believe you're particularly good at what you do, thus you're not very convincing.
3. It's possible that you're not dealing with problems that are large or important enough.
This is most likely the most common restriction.

Today's greatest need is for those who can (or won't) do for themselves what you and I can't (or won't) do for ourselves.
People who make us feel better are included in this category.

Consider the value of a heart surgeon versus a sales clerk in the eyes of the general population.
An enthralling entertainment or sports personality vs. a dreaded office cleaner
A clever lawyer takes on a typist.

It is not my purpose to disparage anyone who contributes to society in any way.
The lower paychecks, on the other hand, nearly invariably go to the person who can be replaced more readily.
If almost anyone can be easily trained to do the work, there will be a lot of competition for that position, lowering the price.

Most individuals won't apply for high-profile occupations like brain surgeon, trial lawyer, professional baseball player, or CEO of a multinational, thus there's less competition.
As a result, those who attempt to fill these positions can charge whatever the traffic will bear.

Isn't this simple economics?
All of this is already known to us.
But, since we already know it, why do we rarely put it into practice in our own lives?
Why aren't we preparing ourselves to be the very best in our various fields?

It's because we unconsciously avoid "responsibility" in many circumstances.
We're afraid of taking on a bigger position... one with a higher profile.
We keep ourselves little because... well, that's all there is to it.
Can you, for example, explain why you aren't the leading authority in your field?
Is it possible for me to explain why I'm not?

But, don't we already know the answer to that?

It boils down to cowardice.
We're terrified of making ourselves uncomfortable by doing something we're not convinced we're capable of.

We prefer not to take chances.
We don't like a lot of uncertainty in the things we do.
Instead, we plod along like cows returning from the pasture in the evening, as predictable as clockwork — and completely reliant on whoever feeds us at the end of the day.

Cows aren't known for taking risks.
Sheep aren't much better.
Day after day, year after year, they stay close to the same territory, acting the same, grazing peacefully, never having any spectacular adventures.
In the fenced-in pasture, there are limited options.
All you have to do is eat, sleep, and age.

The adventurous soul, on the other hand, slips through the fence, ventures into unknown area, and searches for new experiences.
We humans admire males and women the greatest.

People who are constantly on the lookout for new places to visit, new levels to attain, and new issues to solve.

You'll have to explore if you want to grow your income and your life.
Go beyond what you already know, past the familiar, to a location where you don't know what will happen.

In a sense, you've turned into a gambler.
But you'll be betting on the only thing worth betting on in the universe: yourself.

It has been said that the true motivation for becoming wealthy and successful is not money or celebrity.
It's the pleasure of becoming the person you need to be in order to attain your objectives.

Know this: If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll never reach your goals.

You must truly transform into a new person.
A larger individual.
A more capable and powerful individual.

And how do you go about doing that?
You make an effort to stretch yourself.
You make yourself uneasy, and you stay that way until you grow accustomed to it.
That is the genuine (and only) cost of achievement.

There is no place like now.
The majority of individuals in our culture today are so preoccupied with trying to arrange their life so that they may be somewhere else.
We all desire to be somewhere else, whether it's in terms of geography, finances, or relationships.
We desire to be somewhere other than here because we've been persuaded to believe that if we could just be somewhere else, our lives would be perfect.
This escapist works like a narcotic, providing only momentary comfort from a long-term condition.

Apart from wishing to be somewhere else, the majority of individuals nowadays adhere to a "someday" attitude that permits them to manage time.
"I can do it, but not right now."
They utilize excuses like "I'll do it when" to stay in their comfort zones.
The issue is this.

The issue is that both someday and somewhere are illusory and undefined.
Somewhere does not exist, and someday never arrives, despite your best efforts.
This can be extremely disempowering, resulting in a great deal of disappointment and frustration for many people.

However, the truth is that right now is all you've got.
Tomorrow is never guaranteed, therefore learning to completely live in and for the present is an important distinction to make in order to live a great life.
Being appreciative does not imply that you lose your motivation or goal; rather, it permits you to take it easy and enjoy the journey.
It's not only healthy to desire more out of life, but it's also necessary.

Using someday as an excuse to put off dealing with your issues will not lead to long-term success and fulfillment.
Stop making excuses to make yourself feel better and start being honest with yourself.
A little discomfort can be really beneficial because it will at the very least motivate you to take action.
You may always do something right now to make your dreams a reality.
You can always take one modest step forward.

Your resourcefulness is one of your most valuable assets.
This means you have all you need right now to achieve whatever you want, and you have the ability to act with exactly what you have and where you are.
You are not need to wait for "someday."

The tiniest act of action can make all the difference since it makes your notion real right away and suffocates it afterwards because you used your willpower to consciously take control.

It is critical to understand that the purpose of pursuing a goal or a dream is not only to achieve it, but also to enjoy the process of achieving it.
You travel for the sake of traveling, not for the sake of arriving at a destination.
Whatever desire or goal you're pursuing, you'll almost certainly spend more time pursuing it than really accomplishing it, and most goals are a letdown when you do reach them.
The ultimate fulfillment comes from the process, not the actual experience.

The ultimate fulfillment comes from the process, and the actual experience is what transforms you into something rather than accumulating anything.
If you can't be happy and grateful without your objective, you're unlikely to be happy and grateful with it.

Live in the moment, but have a plan for the future.
Come celebrate and capture the magical moments of your life right here.
Keep them safe as the riches you'll be able to carry with you into your glorious future.
Life is not only lived but also created in the present moment.
The greatest time to plan your next ten years is right now.
Allow your thoughts and information to assist you in taking action.

What matters is that you take action.
Your fate is ultimately determined by your actions.
Move confidently in the path you want to go, and don't be fooled by the widespread assumption that things will come your way or that your luck will change sometime.
You are the source and creator of your own wealth, and it all begins with a deep sense of thankfulness for what you already have right where you are.
One of the biggest advantages you have in life is that you can begin creating anything you want right now with exactly what you have since the ultimate resources to life are within you.

Although it may feel fantastic as a short-term getaway or excuse, living in a place called somewhere will not serve you long-term.
Having to lie to yourself over and over that you will act on your genuine wishes when x, y, or z is just right will just add to your stress.
When you change your "someday" philosophy to a "same day" philosophy, you may begin to acquire the mindset of acting on your ideas right now, with exactly what you have and right where you are.

What it comes down to someday and somewhere is that you erroneously concede to yourself that you don't have what you need.
This gives the impression that you are not in charge of your life and must wait for something else to happen somewhere else before you can take responsibility.
Despite your excuses, you will only gain full access to your genuine resources if you take action from where you are with exactly what you have.
True happiness and thankfulness are defined solely by your assessment of where you are now, not by external circumstances.
Now is the time to plant the seeds for the rest of your life.
Plant it with delight, water it with gratitude, and be grateful for everything you have.

The Influence of Concentration
My relative recently purchased a new vehicle.
As soon as this occurred, I began to notice the automobile model wherever I went.
It wasn't as if everyone else bought one at the same time.
It's just that I've become more aware of it.
It would have been odd if it didn't happen on a regular basis.
You become more aware of a certain thing or topic when it has been brought to your attention for the first time.
Then you begin to notice comparable objects over time, perhaps for as long as the object is on your mind, such as in dreams.
Targets are the same way.
Keep them in your thoughts, and you'll notice more things that are related to them.

This has a metaphysical component to it.
Some individuals may tell you that simply focusing on what you want will attract the perfect conditions or coincidences into your life.
This is something you may or may not believe.
Even if you don't believe it, you must recognize that people who keep their goals in mind are more aware.
They are able to perceive things that others are unable to.
It's something I've seen many times before.
My first concern when I launched my first business at university was to find clients.
This was a difficult task for me.
I didn't know where to begin.
I was also thinking about my schoolwork at the moment.
As a result, I attempted to divide the time I had available.

It can be difficult to maintain concentrate for an extended period of time.
There is so much more vying for our attention in life.
As a result, being able to prioritize is beneficial.
Make your aim one of your top priorities in order for it to stick with you.
It should be something that makes you feel energized.
It won't be readily drowned out by surrounding noise this way.
You might think about situations in the context of your objective as you go about your daily activities.
You'll find that there are more opportunities.
You'll get more lucky breaks in the future.
You'll have a better probability of succeeding.

You'd be surprised how much may be gained by making a simple statement about your interest in a conversation in the store.
Perhaps the stranger you're speaking with is a potential investor.
Maybe he'll be able to provide you some helpful advise that will help you along your way.
You can come across a billboard with a statement that sparks a fresh thought in your head.
All of this could happen, but your odds improve considerably if you keep your mind focused.

So, if your aim is financial independence (which it is for most people! ), keep it in mind, but not in the terrified way that most people do.
Just stay on the lookout.
Observe your surroundings and the people you come into contact with on a daily basis.

You'll be able to see and seize your opportunity when the time arrives.
It's all about concentration.

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