- Your Money, Supercharged: The Top Performing Bank Accounts with High APY and Bonus Perks

Your Money, Supercharged: The Top Performing Bank Accounts with High APY and Bonus Perks


When it comes to making the most of your money, high-yield bank accounts with added bonus perks can give your finances a significant boost. These accounts offer competitive Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) along with valuable extras that can enhance your financial journey. Here are some of the top performing bank accounts that combine high APYs with enticing bonus perks:

  1. Ally Bank - Online Savings Account:

    • APY: Offers a highly competitive APY on savings.
    • Bonus Perks: No minimum deposit requirements, zero monthly maintenance fees, and convenient online access.
    • Additional Benefits: Ally Bank's user-friendly online platform, mobile app, and round-the-clock customer support make managing your funds effortless.
  2. Marcus by Goldman Sachs - High-Yield Online Savings Account:

    • APY: Provides an attractive APY on savings.
    • Bonus Perks: No fees, no minimum deposit, and user-friendly online account management.
    • Additional Benefits: Marcus ensures simplicity and effectiveness in saving and managing your money.
  3. Discover Bank - Online Savings Account:

    • APY: Features a competitive APY and no monthly fees.
    • Bonus Perks: Enjoy cashback rewards on debit card purchases and no minimum deposit requirements.
    • Additional Benefits: Discover Bank offers a variety of financial products and an intuitive online interface for seamless banking.
  4. Chime - Chime Savings Account:

    • APY: Presents a compelling APY for your savings.
    • Bonus Perks: Early access to your paycheck through direct deposit, zero hidden fees, and automated savings tools.
    • Additional Benefits: Chime's modern app-based approach redefines banking for the digital age.
  5. CIT Bank - Savings Builder Account:

    • APY: Offers tiered APYs based on your account balance and monthly savings contributions.
    • Bonus Perks: No monthly fees and the opportunity to earn higher APYs by consistently saving.
    • Additional Benefits: CIT Bank's Savings Builder promotes consistent savings habits with its unique approach.
  6. Capital One 360 - 360 Performance Savings Account:

    • APY: Features an appealing APY and no account fees.
    • Bonus Perks: Access to a vast network of ATMs, a mobile app, and online tools for effective financial management.
    • Additional Benefits: Capital One 360 provides a well-rounded banking experience with various account options.
  7. SoFi Money - SoFi Money Cash Management Account:

    • APY: Offers a competitive APY without account fees.
    • Bonus Perks: ATM fee reimbursements, cashback rewards, and access to financial planning tools.
    • Additional Benefits: SoFi Money seamlessly combines spending and saving in a single account for holistic money management.
  8. Wealthfront Cash Account:

    • APY: Boasts a high APY and no account fees.
    • Bonus Perks: FDIC insurance coverage up to $1 million, automated investing possibilities, and integration with other financial services.
    • Additional Benefits: Wealthfront's Cash Account complements its investment offerings, providing a comprehensive financial ecosystem.

As you explore high-yield bank accounts with bonus perks, consider factors such as the APY, potential fees, ATM accessibility, customer service quality, and any supplementary advantages that align with your financial goals. It's important to stay informed about the latest financial offerings to ensure you're making the most of your financial resources.

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