- What means A One Cancels the Other (OCO) in Binance?

What means A One Cancels the Other (OCO) in Binance?


A One Cancels the Other (OCO) order on Binance is a more advanced order type that combines two different types of orders: a "Take Profit" order and a "Stop-Limit" order. It allows you to set both a price at which you want to take profit and a price at which you want to limit potential losses. If one of these orders is executed, the other order is automatically canceled. Here's how to create an OCO order on Binance:

Log In: Start by logging into your Binance account using your email address and password.

Navigate to the Trading Page:
From the Binance dashboard, click on "Trade" in the top menu.
You can choose between "Basic" and "Advanced" trading views. For an OCO order, the "Advanced" view is recommended.

Select a Trading Pair:
In the trading view, choose the trading pair you want to trade. A trading pair represents the two assets you want to trade against each other, such as BTC/USDT (Bitcoin against Tether). Use the search bar to find the trading pair you're interested in.

Access the OCO Order Section:
On the trading screen, look for the OCO order section. In the "Advanced" trading view, it's typically located in the "Order" tab. Click on "OCO."

Set Up Your OCO Order:

In the OCO order section, you will see two sections where you can set up your Take Profit and Stop-Limit orders.

Take Profit Order:
In the "Take Profit" section, specify the price at which you want to take profit. This is the price at which you want to sell if the market moves in your favor.
Enter the amount you want to sell at this price.

Stop-Limit Order:
In the "Stop-Limit" section, set the stop price (the price at which you want to trigger the order) and the limit price (the price at which you want to sell if the stop price is reached).
Enter the amount you want to sell at the limit price.

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Review and Confirm:
Double-check all the details of your OCO order, including the trading pair, the prices, and the amount. Ensure that everything is set up correctly.

Submit Your OCO Order:
Click on the "Buy" or "Sell" button to submit your OCO order. The system will automatically create both the Take Profit and Stop-Limit orders for you.

Monitor Your OCO Order:
You can monitor the status of your OCO order in the "Order History" or "Open Orders" sections.

Manage Your OCO Order:
You can adjust or cancel your OCO order before it's executed. After one of the orders is triggered, the other part of the order is automatically canceled.

OCO orders are useful for managing your risk and potential profits in a more automated way, especially in volatile markets. Always double-check the details before confirming the order, and be sure you understand how the OCO order works before using it.

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