- Buried in wedding dress .. Bride reveal her killer after 45 years

Buried in wedding dress .. Bride reveal her killer after 45 years

In the middle of the night of September 14, 1973, American lawyer Donnie Rhode, driving with his bride Norin Kumita Rod, was on a rural road in Illinois, suddenly lost control of the car that veered off the road. Her body rushed out of the car to hit a rock on the side of the road. When the police arrived, the bride's head lay on the stone of her husband, who was crying. 
Killed Noreen
had not been only 27 days on the marriage Rod Noreen when the accident happened, Noreen was

on a visit to her family 's house, passed by the rod in his car to return to their home, but it was estimated to go home at all, when the officer Christopher Piech arrived from the state police And tried to provide her with help, Norin was dead.
Norrin died of spinal fractures and spinal cord injuries. Noorin's body was not dissected prior to her burial, an unusual step, but the reports were based on the account of the esteemed lawyer Donnie Rudd. The couple also lived in a quiet rural town that did not commit A crime before, according to the newspaper "Daily Mirror" British. 
Romance and a quick marriage
The romance between Rod and his bride, Noreen, when they met while they were working at an oatmeal manufacturing center in Barrington, Illinois, Rod was working in the legal department and was fired once, At the age of 31, Omar Noreen, 19, was 12 years old when they were married. Norin was the second wife. Rod was ambitious and money loving. He did not take time and Norin married the owner of the $ 120,000 insurance policy. 
Without fulfillment
The bride was buried in her wedding dress, and the villagers sympathized with the sad husband, but after a short period of time, Rod demanded the insurance for the life of his late bride and received $ 120,000. 
Nine weeks after Norin's death, Diana became Rod's third wife and lived together until Diana died of cancer in 1996. 
Disappearance of funds
In the 1980s, doubts about the integrity of counsel Rudd, especially after the Landlords Act, which regulates the relationships of apartment owners in a single building, had many disputes, and Rod was compensating his clients when they left the apartments, but the money was gone, and they received little compensation. Against him was suspended from the practice of law for the period But later returned to work.
In April 1991, a client of Rod Mitta was found to have designed the decorations for Loretta Tabak, 59, who had served Rod to defend her rights in a commercial dispute. The case ended with a settlement in which Loretta received $ 450,000, but the amount disappeared and did not receive Loretta, who threatened to file a formal complaint against Roed, was soon found dead in the kitchen of their home in Ellington Heights, Ill. 
To no avail
when police began investigating Loretta's murder, it was natural for Rod to be called in to ask him, especially after two neighbors testified that they had seen a Rod car near Loretta's house. There was also no sign of an incursion into Loretta's house, She knows her killer.
The police struggled to connect the lawyer Rudd with the murder of Loretta, but to no avail, he managed to escape the second crime as it escaped the first, but for a while. 

The first thread
In a passing observation in 2013, an Illinois police officer was surprised that the police had for years dealt with the death of Nurin in 1973 and the killing of Loretta in 1991 as separate realities, and noted a common factor, the common factor was lawyer Donnie Rhode. 
Rudd, who thought that the police would ask him about Loretta's death, was asked to ask the police about his bride Norin and what happened before his car got off the road. The lawyer got confused and gave vague answers, saying he could not remember exactly what happened. And the exhumation and re-examination, and indeed the results were shocking. 
Surprise forensic report
The forensic report revealed that Noorin suffered severe fractures on both sides of her head, and the strangest thing was that the spine and spinal cord were healthy, although the police report 40 years ago recorded the cause of death. 
"Because of injuries on either side of the victim's head, Norin's account of her collision with car glass or rock is unlikely," the forensic expert wrote in her report. Instead, the examination report confirmed that Noreen had died as a result of beating her hard on the head, she was killed. 
Rod arrest
and finally after the investigation lasted for two years, the lawyer Donny Rudd arrested in December 2015 accused of murder Noreen first class, and was released on bail of 400 thousand dollars, pending trial.
At the trial in June of this year 2018, lawyer Donnie Rudd, now 76 years old, arrived at the courtroom in a wheelchair. Prosecutors said Rod hit his wife on the head to death, then arranged the car accident to cover the murder, in order to get insurance money for her life. The marriage was originally arranged to get this money. The judge said, "The lawyer did not marry Norin because he I love, but he married her because he wanted to kill her. 
Testimony was delayed 40 years
in court, was summoned former police officer Christopher Piech to testify. Tell Beach court that there was blood inside a car without me, but he had not seen anything on the ground. he also said that when he took the body of Noreen from the car to perform CPR, noted that the back of her head was soft .
Strangely enough, the rock that Noreen was supposed to hit had not been found. Officer Christopher confessed that he had not suspected a crime at the time. He was a newly graduated officer with little experience, and Donnie Rhode was a man of good reputation in the field of The law, and no one in it, even the insurance company that paid him money, but it seems that the bride Nurin was talking from her grave and her injuries were looking for the truth of what happened. 
The jury took only three hours to make sure Donnie Rod was guilty of first-degree murder, 45 years after Noreen's death. He is still a suspect in the death of Loretta Tabak, but has not been charged. 
In September of this year, Donnie was sentenced to 75 to 150 years' imprisonment under the 1973 laws and will be eligible for parole 11 years and three months later.


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