- German nurse killed 100 patients to "dazzle his colleagues"

German nurse killed 100 patients to "dazzle his colleagues"

A German court begun to judge the former German nurse Niels Hoegel, on charges of killing more than 100 people in the two hospitals which was working; in the north of Germany between 1999 and 2005.
The retrial began on Tuesday, after it came to light new details on the nurse Hoagl who is 41, who is serving a life sentence for his involvement in the killing of two patients under his care as well as other attempted murders.

The new details showed that the number of victims of Hoygel is 100, the worst serial killer in Germany history. 
According to the preliminary investigation, Huigel was giving patients fatal doses of heart drugs, in order to dazzle his colleagues to revive those patients, but failed to revive many of them died. 
Investigators fear Huigel may have killed more patients, but their bodies were burned.
His former colleagues described him as diligent and loving, but they began to notice a "worrying" number of deaths in the ICU during his working hours. 
He was found in 2005 when he was seen placing an unspecified drug by a doctor in a vaccine for a patient in a hospital in Delmenhurst and sentenced to seven years in prison for attempted murder in 2008. 
During his trial in 2014-2015, Killing and two attempts to kill and victimize patients. 
During his trial in 2015, Huigel said he was "really sorry" and hoped the victims' families would find peace. He added that the decisions to carry out his crimes were "relatively spontaneous." 
Huigel admitted to a psychiatrist that he had killed about 30 people. 
Police said local health officials were hesitant to alert authorities, delaying Huig's early arrest.
The authorities have already opened criminal cases against former staff in medical facilities.


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