- He gave her a drug and then raped her in front of his wife

He gave her a drug and then raped her in front of his wife

The story of her rape by a couple when she was 14 years old while going to her school. 
According to the British newspaper Mirror, Peter and his wife, Avril, met the girl on her way to school. They started to share everything with her, shopping with her and buying makeup. One day she gave her a drink and took her to their house to be raped by the husband. 
The couple owned a small truck used to rape girls, but the victim only learned of the rape.

"One day the couple made a drink that made me unconscious," said Sally, 41. "When I saw him, I found Peter raping me in front of his wife. 

I stayed for about five seconds. I did not know what was happening to me, and then I tried to escape, but my body was I could not move, and the next morning I ran away and went back to my family's house but I did not tell them anything. " 
"One day I called the police and I cried hysterically and told them what happened to me. Three years later, Peter was sentenced to 21  years in prison and his wife was 15 years old."         


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