- The Life inside Google: the best companies to take care of employees

The Life inside Google: the best companies to take care of employees

Google is known for its leadership in the world of the Internet and is considered one of the best companies to take care of employees in the United States, so its employees are the most fortunate in the world, provided by the company from the provision of services.
Inside the world's wackiest workplace: Staff at Google take catnaps in £5,000 sleep pods, hold meetings in caravans, get staff passes for their dogs and the canteen serves free lobster (but you don't dare get fat!)
Pampered Google employees enjoy free gourmet food, naps at work and more...
New £1bn 11-storey London HQ for 7,000 staff to feature usual perks when built
But some ex-workers have said sleep pods, pools and saunas are designed to keep you in the office.

IT'S TOUGH TO JOIN . . . What's more, HARD TO LEAVE 
Landing a position at Google is thorough, with candidates subjected to five demanding meetings and assaulted with complex riddles to weed out the best brains. 
Indeed, even those candidates with impeccable CVs are frequently amazed by solicitations, for example, 'What number of hair styles occur in this nation every year?', 'Outline a departure plan for this building' or 'On the off chance that you could pick one melody to play each time you strolled into a space for whatever remains of your life, what might it be?' 

New staff individuals are known as 'Nooglers', while ex-workers, of whom there are an expected 20,000 around the world, are 'Xooglers' (strange names, it appears, are about as good anyone might expect at Google). 
Be that as it may, having put everything that exertion into contracting you, Google doesn't care for giving up. Leavers are joined to the Xoogler graduated class organize, which keeps a tight rein on previous representatives and draws them back for coaching, introductions and systems administration occasions.

Google's HR office is called 'Individuals Operations' — abbreviated to 'POPS' — and its staff of 'Individuals Analysts' are much more involved than the normal HR group. 
Workers are subjected to normal reviews, identity tests and mental profiling — in light of everything from lunch inclinations to how regularly they utilize the exercise center — and the organization utilizes this information to gauge profitability and desire. 
Since 2012, an examination venture, code-named 'Aristotle', has investigated what it takes to manufacture the ideal group at the organization.

It found that if a Google administrator welcomes a newcomer on their first day in the workplace, that enlist will be 15 percent more profitable nine months down the line. 
Not every person is so content with the infinitely knowledgeable Google eye, in any case, with some previous representatives considering it much the same as George Orwell's 'Elder sibling'. A year ago, an item supervisor at the tech organization asserted specialists were prohibited from addressing their life partner or companions about their manager and sharing their past work at prospective employee meet-ups.

Dogs aren't just invited, however energized at Google. Truth be told, its worker implicit rules peruses: 'Google's warmth for our canine companions is an essential aspect of our corporate culture'. 
Inasmuch as they're directed, staff can convey their four-legged companions to the workplace — and normal pet guests are even given their own photographic pass. 
A previous worker says the arrangement made him more beneficial at work, getting him outside to walk his puppy at noon and helping him meet new partners. 

'The advantages of permitting canines in the workplace far exceed the expenses, and the expansion in occupation fulfillment for those with pooches far exceeds the mellow inconvenience of those hopeless people who by one means or another endure life unaffected by swaying tails,' he says. 
In any case, it's not very great for those with cat companions. The organization says: 'For the wellbeing and prosperity of the feline, with such a significant number of canines around, proprietors are debilitated from bringing felines, however Google does not oppress them.'

On the off chance that ALL that movement's abandoned you feeling depleted instead of roused, Google has a large group of A-rundown speakers on speed-dial to offer introductions to staff. 
Among the acclaimed countenances to confer their useful tidbits are: artists Lady Gaga and Annie Lennox, models Lily Cole and Christy Turlington, performing artists Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds, and previous U.S. President Barack Obama. 

Since 2005, in excess of 1,000 visitors have given motivational talks: the video of 'Google Goes Gaga' is extremely mainstream — it has piled on 2.5 million perspectives. 
The universal pursuit monster additionally amasses 'top worldwide masterminds and pioneers' for its yearly 'Zeitgeist Conference', a tip top, welcome just occasion held in the English farmland, whose past distinguished participants included Prince Charles, Sir Richard Branson and David Cameron.

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