- The strangest 10 facts about India Some shocking and strange

The strangest 10 facts about India Some shocking and strange


India is one of the world's largest and second largest countries with a population of more than 1.2 billion people and one of the world's largest economies, and it is undoubtedly a town full of the oddities, wonders and customs that you will not find in another country.
In this report, you reviewed the strangest facts about India:

1. The most wet place in the world
India is the wettest place in the world, with about 40,000 feet of rain a year.

2. The first country in the world's youth census by 2020
By 2020, India's average age will be 29 years, and the number of age groups from 15 to 43 is expected to rise from 430 million in 2011 to 464 million in 2021.

3 - The largest road network
India's combined road network is 4.7 million km long, the second largest road network in the world after the United States, equaling more than 117 times the Earth's circumference.

4. The most polluted air of New Delhi
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The average level of PM 2.5, a measure of airborne and human-caused particles in New Delhi, has reached 152 micrograms per cubic meter, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

5- Hair trade
India exports more than $ 415 million a year, and many Hindus donate their hair to temples instead of money or jewelry they do not own. Some 40,000 pilgrims are thought to donate their hair every day.

6. The largest family in the world lives there
India has the largest family in the world, consisting of a man and 39 wives, 94 boys and girls, 33 grandchildren, living in a 4-storey building and 100 rooms in a village in the Indian state of Mizoram.

7 - lengthening mustaches
Police in the state of Madhya Pradesh are rewarded when they hit their mustache, due to the belief of police commanders in that state that the long mustache earns more respect.

8- Working day with a meal
The average person has to work for six hours so he can save the price of a meal.

9. Celebration of death
Satya tribe celebrates when a member dies and solace when a new child is born to the tribe.

10 - Indians eat meat less than the rest of the world per person
Indians generally eat less meat per person than the rest of the world, the reason that meat is not the main focus of Indian cuisine, as well as the fact that many religions are encouraged to eat vegetarian food only.

Source:  Indian media

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