- The oldest electric train in the world goes back to work -Photos

The oldest electric train in the world goes back to work -Photos

The oldest electric train has returned to its tracks after being found abandoned in the bush more than 15 years ago. Stephen Middleton, 61, spotted the old train in pictures taken during the 1970s before saving the abandoned debris in northern Yorkshire, according to the British Daily Mail.

Along with dozens of volunteers, Middleton spent more than a decade restoring the old electric train to its former glory.
The 1903 train was manufactured by North Eastern Railway and was designed as part of a pair of cars that laid the foundation for the majority of trains running along the world's railways today.The train is equipped with a tin roof and a floor terrace, to ensure that it is well protected from the weather.

The first electric trains used an internal combustion engine in the railcar, where steam trains were run at the time.
Instead of pulling electricity from the overhead lines, the cars automatically loaded their own power plant, and a dynamo-powered gasoline engine powered the electric motors.
At the time, the gasoline engine was in its infancy, and reliable diesel engines were not developed until the mid-1930s.

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