- Morocco: 400 years ago, from inside the Maze Prison, which witnessed horrific stories

Morocco: 400 years ago, from inside the Maze Prison, which witnessed horrific stories

A frightening and exciting experience that attracts thousands of tourists around the world, especially from Europe or America and even the Arabs, a huge and dark place without doors and underground. 
The place is Morocco; specifically the beautiful city of Meknes, which means "warrior" in the Amazigh language, built by Moulay Ismail, one of the rulers of Morocco during the past periods and for nearly 400 years.

Meknes is located in the north of the kingdom, 140 km from Rabat. The city is divided into two parts: the old city and the modern city, both of which contain many historical and natural places to visit: Bab Mansour, the fifth largest stone door in the world, The tin tank, the Mansour Palace, and the old walls. 
The terrible prison
It is the famous prison in Meknes, which is surrounded by legends and many stories that reflect the riches of the place. It was built by the Sultan Mawla Isma'il for those who are outlawed or dissented. He is called the prison or the prison. He is the only prison in the world with no doors. Known for its ramifications under the city of Meknes. 
The prison is a hallway and maze and each hall has several corridors and branches, and no one entered this prison and came out alive. 
It dates back to the late 17th and early 18th centuries and is located in the Kasbah of Ismailia (Palace of Government) in Meknes near the Dome of the Ambassadors. 
Name Story
The story of the building tells us that the name is taken from the title of a Portuguese prisoner, who received a promise from the Sultan Moulay Ismail to liberate him if he succeeds in building a prison that can accommodate tens of thousands of prisoners. He managed to create a prison that accommodates 60,000 prisoners at the same time. More than 2 million prisoners. 
A labyrinth of 
"Kara" prison stretches into vast tracts of land, a complex maze made up of several corridors. Each hall has a number of lanes, each leading to another, which means that incursions into the prison lead to the inability to exit. from him. 
The area of ​​the prison is equivalent to the entire city of Meknes. Currently, large areas of this prison have been closed during the French occupation after the loss of many adventurers and explorers. 
A prison without doors
One of the strangest things is that this prison has no doors; despite its size, it had holes in the ceiling where the prisoners were thrown through, as was the food. 
Although he is best known as a prison, many legends say it is a place for the Jinn after the loss of the impact of 12 European expedition missions that tried to discover the prison. 
It is one of the strangest and most terrifying prisons because of the many stories that have hovered around it. Despite all these horrifying stories now, it has become a huge attraction for tourists from Europe and America. 95% of the visitors to Meknes go to jail to see only the permitted part of it .

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