- Surprise UEFA Champions League continue : Germany 2-2 Holland

Surprise UEFA Champions League continue : Germany 2-2 Holland

Koman reveals his weapon at the heart of the table on the Manchavt..
Ronald Koeman, the coach of the Netherlands, revealed why his team were back in Germany's 2-2 draw at the UEFA Champions League. 
"The assistants asked me when we were two goals late, so if we had to change some things and I told them yes, I had notes and we

worked on them, so the end was great," Koman said in comments posted on the European Union website. 
"It's great that the draw came from the player who was in the notes pushing it forward."
"The team showed their character, we continued our career, and I do not think we played well, and at this stage it is difficult for us to play two games in such a short period against high-level competitors." 
"Let's not forget that Germany are an excellent team, maybe better than France, but we also showed that we can come back in the face of opponents of this level." 
And the Dutch team decided to qualify for the semi-finals, after the occupation of the first group with 7 points, and the difference of confrontation from the runner-up France

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