- INESEM Business School The European Institute of Business Studies

INESEM Business School The European Institute of Business Studies

The European Institute of Business Studies , also known as INESEM Business School , is one of the Spanish graduate centers with the widest range of online masters , MBA online and approved online courses .
INESEM teaches more than 400 online masters in the following areas:

- Business Management: MBA, Management, Communication, Marketing and Advertising. International Trade, Project Management, Human Resources, Logistics, Finance and Tourism 
- Integrated Management 
- Education and Society 
- Design and Graphic Arts 
- Languages 
- IT and ICT 
- Engineering and Building 
- Legal Sciences 
- Biosanitary
The Master in Marketing Management and Commercial Management and the Online MBA from INESEM are in the top 10 of the Master's Degree in Online Marketing and the Online MBA Ranking , respectively, prepared by Mundo Posgrado based on the opinions of the students.
The programs of the online business school have the recognition and qualification of prestigious Spanish university centers, such as the International University of La Rioja, Antonio de Nebrija University, Rey Juan Carlos University and Miguel de Cervantes European University.

The variety of the training catalog and the high specialization of the online mastershave allowed INESEM to train professionals in 12 countries in Europe and Latin America, as well as Spain. For this, the school has portals adapted to the needs of each country.
The masters and online MBA of INESEM are taught under a practical methodologybased on the use of innovative technological tools that facilitate learning and stimulate students' interest, such as virtual classes, practical cases, self-evaluations, explanatory videos, discussion forums, others Teachers and tutors accompany the students throughout the entire study.
As a complement to the academic training, the center guarantees its students in Spain the realization of professional internships in companies, one of the most effective ways to enter the competitive labor market.
For active workers, INESEM offers the option to take masters online for free, through the management of credits destined for programmed training or bonus training.
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