- A new mystery is revealed in the incident of the children Cave in Thailand

A new mystery is revealed in the incident of the children Cave in Thailand

A new book revealed an unprecedented and unprecedented detail that the 12 cave children were rescued after being sedated and handcuffed by rescue teams.

The new book, "The Cave", was written by media correspondent for South Asia's ABC Channel, Liam Cochrane, after his full coverage of the Cave Children incident and their rescue.

"The Cave" contains detailed information and details that explain the entire rescue plan, as well as the difficulties experienced by rescuers in Thailand in 2018.

The book revealed a strange detail that contradicted what was published in the international media about the rescue of children after the provision of equipment and fashion diving and oxygen containers, where Cochrane claims that the incorrect and that the children were anesthetized with "Ketamine" and handcuffs, before linking their bodies with divers who took them To the surface.

"The children were informed that their children had been trained to dive and swim, while the media reported that an oxygen tube would be set up for each child to leave with a diver, one in front of the child and the other swimming behind him," he said.

Cochrane said some of the media at the time said the rescuers were lightly anesthetizing children to ease their panic during the rescue operation, while the writer said that the report contradicted the fact that they were "fatally numb, much more than people thought."

In addition, Cochrane said children were handcuffed behind their backs so they would not try to remove oxygen masks if they suddenly woke up and felt panic, endangering their lives and those of their rescuers."The only hope was to anesthetize children, put oxygen masks on their faces and then hand them over to the divers to save them," he said. 
Source: Newshub