- Biohacker injects DNA versions of Bible, Quran verses into his body

Biohacker injects DNA versions of Bible, Quran verses into his body

The "gene hacker" injected itself with DNA sequence made from parts of the Bible and the Koran, in what could be counted as one of the most exciting scientific experiments in 2018.
Adrian Lucatelli, from the French city of Grenoble, translated the names of Jewish characters from Genesis and the Thunder of the Holy Quran into the DNA symbol. Throughout that work he wondered whether this work could be done.
Lucatelli changed every Hebrew letter in the book Genesis into a nucleic acid code composed of ACGT characters. All genes are encoded in a different combination of these four letters, and he excluded the passages he considered "controversial."
He also turned all the Arabic letters from Surat al-Ra'ad into the DNA code.
The high school student had no idea what the effect of injecting unknown proteins into his body was, by claiming to be "a unique experience."Using the online tool, it was able to "penetrative genes" teenager, translation nucleotide information (building blocks of DNA nuclear acid Riboza; they serve as basic letters that are written by genes), to the protein sequence that has then injected in the thighs.
The boy did not suffer from any negative side effects other than the swelling in his leg continued for several days, and it is unclear whether the "protein Bible" or "protein Koran" is causing this swelling.
Said Locatelli in his research that this is symbolic too, even if they did not have any benefit, he added: "Recent studies have shown that any information is encrypted using DNA and stored in this form. Became the first living organism is to store the text."
Known as "penetration of genes" or "Biohacking", as experiences that are trying to improve the qualities or capabilities of living organisms (usually humans), through a variety of techniques including liberalization of genes, technological implant or use a combination of drugs.