- How To Fight The Flaccidity Of The Breasts

How To Fight The Flaccidity Of The Breasts

The breasts, consisting of fat, glandular breast tissue and skin, lose their elasticity over time. Physical exercise helps to tone and prevent build-up of adiposity or flaccidity ; However, there are other tips that allow you to delay the effects of age 

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1. Maintain a stable and healthy body weight. The skin of the breasts is very fine and sensitive; Increasing or losing weight "breaks" the skin, causingunwanted stretch marks . In this sense, special precautions should be taken during pregnancy and lactation because these are processes where the weight is totally inconsistent.

2. Keep your back straight . This also requires keeping the chest straight, a much more attractive and seductive posture

3. Use quality bras that fit the shape and size of the chest. If your breasts are bulky and heavy, use nipple bras that cover the breasts well by wrapping the chest without compressing it. On the other hand, if they are small, it is advisable to use padded bras to improve their appearance. 

4. Some women who have a period, a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding have breast hypersensitivity. This is natural and should not worry the bill, it is the result of the action of certain female hormones.

5. If you exercise, it is advisable to use comfortable bras that resist sudden movements and also serve as a protective barrier against hypersensitivity. 

6. Avoid hot water on the breasts and, if you do not like it too much, finish the bath by applying cold water. 

7. Apply massages and creams on any part of the body. Massage is one of the most effective for breast care. Place one hand under your head and apply with the other a moisturizer on the opposite chest. Use upward movements of the halo towards the outside, pulling successively by 8. It is advised that this massage is much more superficial the days of menstruation and that it deepens the following days to allow a self-examination of the breasts. Remember that this is essential in the detection of breast cancer .

Taking care of your breasts is not only a question of appearance, but of health.Adopt a beauty routine that helps you keep them firm and beautiful, but above all that allows you to know them to detect any abnormality and go immediately to your doctor.

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