- Green tea drink can also be damaged, these 8 never work.

Green tea drink can also be damaged, these 8 never work.

Nowadays, green tea drinks are quite in fashion and there are many benefits to drinking it. Green tea reacts on your obesity, making skin more beneficial for digestion, by making it shiny. Although there are many serious disadvantages of drinking it, drinking it in many diseases can prove to be extremely dangerous.

So stay away from green tea:
1. Maybe you do not know but green tea also has caffeine. Caffeine present in green tea also causes many health problems. 227 grams of green tea contains caffeine from 24 to 45 milligrams of tea. Like other tea, if you consume more of the green tea then caffeine irregularizes your heartbeat. This makes you feel nervous and you start teasing on small things.

2. The excessive green tea drink can also be harmful to your digestive system. More caffeine spoils the balance of your digestive juices, so your stomach may also get worse. Tannins present in green tea can spoil your stomach because drinking green tea leads to more acid in the stomach. People who have stomach problems, especially acidity, should avoid drinking green tea.

Pregnant women should drink and drink green tea
3. Pregnant women are forbidden to drink green tea more than twice a day. The reason behind this is caffeine. Caffeine consumption is considered dangerous for both mother and child. In many cases it has been found that consuming more quantity of caffeine also leads to the mischief. So if you want to drink green tea during pregnancy, then consult the doctor.

4. If you have osteoporosis or any of the diseases associated with bones, green tea can also be harmful for you. In such cases, green tea should drink only a limited amount from the doctor’s advice. To avoid any problem you should not consume more than 4-5 cups of green tea throughout the day.

Drink anemia and cataract patients do not drink green tea
5. Doctors advise that those who have anemia problem should also avoid the use of green tea. Iron deficiency due to anemia causes this to reduce the amount of hemoglobin. Do not take green tea if there is a shortage of iron already. If there is even a pine, you can eat green tea in the middle while eating food so that you can observe the body iron.

6. If people suffering from cataract consumed green tea, their eyes begin to get pressurized within 30 minutes. Consumption of green tea in this disease can further increase this. Cataract is an eye-related disease that affects the optic nerve. It can also cause blindness when it grows.

Drink even if you are eating medicines
7. If you are taking antibiotics, you should refrain from consuming green. Apart from this, green tea drink may also be harmful during the treatment of contraceptive pills, disulfiram, fluvoc salmon. There are many such drugs in which eating Green tea can have side effects in the body.

Do not take green tea with ephedrine taken for respiratory diseases. This can lead to Anandra’s disease and nervousness. Green tea should not be taken with drugs such as clozapine and lithium. This reduces the effect of drugs. Green tea should not be taken with drugs such as monoamine oxidase and stereoisomer. This increases blood pressure suddenly.

Green tea can also drink with milk
8. For those who often complain of chest burning, green tea may be harmful. In this situation, take green tea with any food. Drinking green tea immediately before eating can cause you more problems. Just do not drink green tea. Green tea can also be consumed with milk, it will reduce acid formation. If drinking green tea is stuck in the stomach, then the intake of acetic acid should be taken. This will ease the stomach.
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