- There are so many side effects to take a sleeping pill, if you know, then sleep will fly.

There are so many side effects to take a sleeping pill, if you know, then sleep will fly.

If you have a problem of sleeping, taking sleeping pills will make it easier for you to sleep but by taking these sleeping medicines you may have many side effects like feeling lethargic during the day, bad nightmare, headache Becoming and having red rashes etc. Misuse of these medicines can lead you to coma or you may die. 
About 50 to 70 million people in the US are affected by sleep disorders. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention called the disease as a public health problem. There are many people who ignore the fatigue, stress, etc.
even after sleeping. Unfortunately these medicines have many side effects, so before using these, you should know about how it works and what its consequences can be.

How sleeping pills work
There are two types of sleeping pills, one that was used earlier such as Benzodiazepam, which include Loramatrazepam, Diazepam, Nietrazepam or Loprazollam etc., which target the receptor promoting sleep in the brain but it becomes addicted to you. While New Generation Sleeping Pills are more effective than earlier ones, but it is not that they do not have side effects. According to the US National Survey, 4 percent of all 20-year-old adults in the US have already used slooping pills before the survey.

Side effects of sleeping pills often do not speak to the doctor for quick use of sleeping pills unless the patient has a serious sleep problem. Let us tell you what side effects can be used to use these sleeping pills.

1-Day slowness: Some people feel lethargic on the next day after eating these sleeping pills and some people feel it the next day because this medicine has effect in your body for a long time.

2- Bad nightmares: Nightfall, Jopiklone and Jollipidem are other medicines given for 2 to 4 weeks. Some people have bad dreams because of it.

3- Sleep increases apnea: If you already have sleep apnea problem then these sleeping pills make it worse. Sleep apnea has trouble breathing while you sleep. Because of this, you can not take full sleep and most of the time remain alive.

4- Drug addiction: If you are using these medicines for a long time, you will get used to them and you will not be able to sleep without consuming them. You may not be able to leave these medicines suddenly because it will cause you more problems like nausea, vomiting, and restlessness.

5- Pain: Melatonin-based sleeping medicines increase insomnia. By consuming them you will feel headaches, back pain or pain in the joints.

6- Can also be death: If you take any other drugs like Sleeping Pills, such as painkillers or cuff medicines etc., it can cause many problems like you can go to a coma or even death. Might be possible.

7- Madness can increase: If you use sleeping pills for more than three months then you may have many problems associated with your brain like you may have Elzheimer’s Disease in which you start forgetting things.

8- Mortality Risk increases: In 2010 about 6 to 10 percent of American adults used sleeping pills for their insomnia problem. Tell you that if you take 132 doses of these medicines in a year, then your dying chance is 5 times higher than those who do not take them. If you take more than 132 doses of sleeping pills then you can also get cancer.

9- Loss of improper use: If you use sleeping pills, you should stay away from doing a work like a car or a machinery, because your body is not in balance and you can be at risk.

10. Danger of Heart Attack According to doctors, eating more tablets of sleep increases the risk of heart attack 50 times more. Scientists have described the elements present in sleeping medicines – the cause of the diseases of the heart.

11. Cancer According to a research, it has also been revealed that those who depend on this tablet daily, they are also at risk of cancer. These pills contain elements which should not be consumed daily, otherwise it becomes overdose.

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