- Researchers: A list of 5 food The most useful food for heart

Researchers: A list of 5 food The most useful food for heart

The British Dietetic and Dietetic Association published a list of 5 food products that are most useful for heart work.
According to Sunday Express, the list drawn up by British researchers is topped by whole grain products such as brown rice and pasta from whole wheat flour and oatmeal.
Experts believe that the inclusion of these nutrients in the diet list, reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 9%.
The heart also needs fruits and vegetables that contain potassium, which helps control blood pressure.In the second class, legumes contain legumes. 
Eating 130 grams is enough to reduce the cholesterol level by 5 percent. Legumes are rich in fibers that are converted into a type of gel that is linked to cholesterol and reduces its absorption in the body.
The list concludes with fish, which contain fatty acids that support the heart. Fish also contain a lot of potassium and vitamin B12 and B6. The researchers concluded that eating fish four times a week reduces the risk of heart attacks by 21%.
Source: Izvestia
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