- The next Samsung foldable phone will come at a competitive price

The next Samsung foldable phone will come at a competitive price

The Galaxy Fold, which will be launched by Samsung next year will come at a competitive price, and almost twice cheaper than the current Fold phones.

The Samsung Herald website that Samsung plans to launch two foldable phones next year, one will be similar to the phones Motorola razr recently revealed, while the other will be a modified version of the current Galaxy Fold phone.

Samsung is supposed to announce the first phone in February 2020, coinciding with the launch of the Galaxy S11 expected, while the second phone is expected to unveil it in August of the same year.

The device will be similar to razr phones for $ 845, less than half the price of Galaxy Fold phones currently on offer, to be the cheapest folding phone to be put on the market.

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Since its launch in September, Samsung has sold more than 500,000 devices, despite its high price of nearly $ 2,000 in some countries.The Galaxy Fold launched by Samsung this year is one of the most distinctive and sophisticated smart devices, and has a large flexible screen size of 7.3 inches and display resolution (2152/1536) pixel camera, RAM 12 GB, internal memory 512 GB, and a basic camera accurately (16+ 12 + 12 megapixel camera, and the other front resolution accurately (10 + 8) megapixel camera.

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